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Who Is Bobby Berk's Husband, Dewey Do?

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Who Is Bobby Berk's Husband, Dewey Do?

On Queer Eye, Bobby Berk Is best known for the way he magically transforms spaces into something totally new — and totally beautiful — for the heroes featured on the show. But when he's not remodeling and redecorating, what is Berk doing? Usually, he's spending time with his husband, because yes, this talented guy is already taken.

Berk and costar Tan France are the only members of the Fab Five who are married (though Karamo Brown is currently engaged), and Berk seems to be so happy with the special man in his life. 

Who is Bobby Berk's husband, Dewey Do?

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Bobby Berk's husband is Dewey Do, a surgeon.

Berk may be all about interior design but his husband is in a different industry entirely. Do — who is formally known as Dr. Dutran Do — is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, currently practicing in New York.

"Dr. Do is a compassionate and skillful surgeon," says his Zocdoc profile. "He is currently an Attending Physician in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital Center. For the past 5 years, motivated by a desire to help those less fortunate, Dr. Do has provided dozens of free surgeries to cleft lip & palate patients in Mexico and the Philippines."

Berk and Do got married as soon as they were legally able to. 

In a Facebook post for Lyft, Berk opened up about how he and Do were married as soon as it became legal in the US.

"Six years ago, my husband and I said 'I do' and were actually married by a very close friend of ours who was ordained," he wrote. "We got married as soon as it was legal to get married and it was important to us to show the world our pride through our expression of love."

Bobbty Berk's husband leads a much more private life than he does.

Though Berk lives In the spotlight and puts it all out there on social media and on Queer Eye, Do is quite the opposite. He doesn't seem to have an Instagram account, and if he does, it's pretty locked down. But considering his line of work, it's probably for the best that he keeps things as private as possible. 

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Berk and Do plan to have kids In the future. 

In a 2019 interview, Berk said he and Do plan to have kids when Queer Eye filming calms down, sometime in the next five years when he's able to be home more often.

"My husband’s always like, ‘I don’t want to be a single parent. You’re always gone,’" Berk said. “Like 90 percent of the time I am. We’d have to probably get a different house because this one is not kid-friendly.”

Berk and Do celebrated their 15-year anniversary in 2019. 


A post shared by Bobby Berk (@bobby) on May 10, 2019 at 4:48pm PDT

Last year, Berk marked 15 years with Do with a sweet post on Instagram, including a photo of the two of them together and a heartfelt caption. 

"15 years of love, support and fun with my favorite person. Happy Anniversary to my love — Dewey — I can’t imagine going through life with anyone else!" Berk wrote.

Do is a regular fixture on Burke's Instagram. 

Want to know more about Berk and Do's life together? Follow Berk on Instagram, where he frequently shares photos of their travels and life at home. As far as we can tell, these two are very happy together, and it's great to see Berk in such an awesome marriage after everything he does to help others on Queer Eye.

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