Who Is Dolph Lundgren's Fiancé? Emma Krokdal Is Almost 40 Years Younger Than Him

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Who Is Dolph Lundgren's Fiancé? Emma Krokdal Is Almost 40 Years His Junior
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It's official: Dolph Lundgren is getting ready to walk down the aisle, and he's planning to marry a much younger lady. 62-year-old Lundgren is now engaged to 24-year-old Emma Krokdal. And although they're separated by almost 40 years of age, they seem so happy together.

Though Lundgren is known for his acting career, fans may be unfamiliar with Krokdal, but she's pretty impressive herself.

Who is Dolph Lundgren's fiancé, Emma Krokdal?

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Dolph Lundgren and Emma Krokdal announced their engagement in June.

Lundgren and Krokdal shared their good news with the world in mid-June. According to his Instagram post, he got down on one knee during their trip to Sweden, and shared a photo of him and his new fiancé, standing on a rooftop and smiling as Krokdal showed off her ring. He kept his caption short and sweet, writing, "Something very special happened here in Sweden." 

Lundgren and Krokdal have been dating since at least 2019. 

The earliest reports of Lundgren and Krokdal as a couple only go back about six months to January 2020, when a source close to the couple confirmed they were dating after they were seen together at a film festival in the Dominican Republic — and that they had been together for several months at that point. The finer details of their relationship have been private from the start; aside from a few couple-y pictures on Instagram, they seem to prefer to keep their personal lives to themselves. 

Dolph Lundgren's fiancé is a personal trainer from Norway. 

Krokdal is a personal trainer who is certified with the American Council on Exercise, speciailzing in fitness nutrition. While isolating, Krokdal has shared how she's been staying in shape without being able to be at the gym with her followers on Instagram, along with her personal workouts. 

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Krokdal has struggled with her own body image in the past. 

Krokdal was Inspired to become a personal trainer because of her own experience with her body. As she explained in a heartfelt Instagram post alongside a before and after photo of herself, she wanted to help others after discovering that she was wrong about "food being the enemy" and feeling like she had to work out seven days a week.

"I eventually started reading articles online, every single day, and thankfully realized that muscles need food to grow," she wrote. "Thats when I realized that this is something I want to learn more about. I moved to LA to study and get my personal trainer certificate, and today, 4 years later, I passed my final Tier 2 exam at Equinox. I learn new things every single day and will continue to learn to make sure I can provide the best help to my clients. To guide them in the right direction to a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally when it comes to food and exercise!" 

Krokdal frequently posts about healthy living on Instagram. 

Much of Krokdal's social media presence is dedicated to promoting healthy living, and not only does she share her workouts but she also shares her healthy meals, too. Krokdal appears to be a vegan and even when she's not training, she's still staying active — it looks like being outside and taking part in activities like riding bikes and visiting the beach are at the top of the list of her favorite hobbies. 

Krokdal is close with her family.

Though it seems Krokdal has left most of her family behind in Norway, it's clear from her Instagram they mean a lot to her, including her parents and her sister, Maja. Krokdal is definitely young but it seems like Lundgren is marrying a woman who is passionate about her health and her career and has a close relationship with her family, and all that matters is how happy they seem to be together, planning this next step in their relationship. 

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