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You MUST Watch This Batsh*t Crazy Norwegian Sex Education Video

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It's no secret that sex education has room for improvement in America. We find it hard to find the middle ground between teaching only abstinence and giving too much information about sex to students.

Well, even Americans would consider this Norwegian video totally batsh*t.

The video's demographic is for primary school students, which includes eight- to twelve-year-olds.

It has a woman demonstrating everything from kissing with a tomato, receiving a hickey from a vacuum, how men and women have sex with a mannequin, and a dildo.

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Um, we're all for better sexual education, but what?! The video comes from the Norwegian public broadcast channel and NRK Super, the largest website for children in Norway, according to The Daily Beast

"We think they are ready for it," says Kirsti Moe, Newton executive producer to The Daily Beast. "These children are in puberty themselves or about to go there, and they are big enough to see that they're changing. [The program] answers questions that they have already started to ask."

Photo: Kid Spot

Yes, there are parents who have pushed back, but the website is reportedly getting overall positive feedback for their efforts.

It's always interesting to see how other countries approach sensitive subjects like these. Not sure if we want videos with dildos for eight-year-olds here, but America definitely is far behind.

You can watch the NSFW video here