Who Is Nicolas Cage's Son? Why Weston Cage Coppola Filed A Restraining Order Against His Mom

It's a sad, complex situation.

Who Is Nicolas Cage's Son? Why Weston Cage Coppola Filed A Restraining Order Against His Mom Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

On July 14, 2020, Nicolas Cage's eldest son filed a restraining order against his mother — Nicholas Cage's ex-girlfriend, actress Christina Fulton — while claiming she caused him emotional distress for months. While ultimately the judge denied his request, it thrust Cage's eldest son into the spotlight. The hearing is set to be heard again on August 6th, 2020. 

Cage's eldest son made some very disturbing claims against his mother so we decided to take a closer look at who he is, what he does, and how their relationship got as bad as it did. 


Who is Nicolas Cage's son, Weston Cage Coppola — and why is he filing a restraining order against his mom, Christina Fulton?

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Weston Cage Coppola is Nicolas Cage's eldest son, and Cage's only son with Christina Fulton. 

In 1988, Nicolas Cage began dating actress Christina Fulton, and their son Weston was born on December 26, 1990. His full name is Weston Cage Coppola and like his father, he's a part of the Coppola family of Hollywood royalty. Weston Cage's great-uncle is the legendary director Francis Ford Coppola, his great-aunt is Talia Shire, and his first cousin on his father's side is actor and musician Jason Schwartzman, who's best known for his work with Wes Anderson and for being the lead singer of the group Phantom Planet. 


Weston Cage Coppola is a musician.

Weston Cage first came to the public's attention when he was the lead singer of the death metal band Eyes of Noctum, a band which he started in high school but which broke up in 2012. He subsequently formed the band Arsh Anubis, which is also a black metal band. In case you're wondering what it sounds like, you can check it out below.

Weston Cage Coppola has been married three times. 

Weston Cage has been married three times. He was only married to his first wife, Nikki Williams, for a year, from 2011 to 2012. His second wife, Danielle, was married to him for three years, and he had two sons with her. His third wife, Hila Cage Coppola, married him in 2018. 

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He had a very messy breakup with his second wife, Danielle Cage.

Unfortunately for Weston Cage, he and his second wife, Danielle, underwent a very messy divorce. In addition to slapping a restraining order on her ex, Danielle Cage demanded that he pony up more than $50,000 in legal fees. He finalized his divorce from her in November 2018 but ended up proposing to his now-third wife Hila six months prior to the divorce being finalized. What's more, according to court documents, Weston Cage had to pay more $8000 a month in rent, car payments, and health insurance for Danielle and their two children. According to Danielle, however, the $8000 a month shouldn't be a big deal for Weston Cage, because he reportedly made more than $16,000 a month. 

According to his mother, Christina Fulton, Weston Cage is "very troubled" — and blames Nicolas Cage for it. 

Back in 2011, Christina Fulton claimed that her son was "very troubled" and suffers from mental health issues. She made these claims after Weston Cage was hospitalized after a brutal beating at The Farmer's Kitchen in Los Angeles, after which the then-20-year-old was placed on an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold. However, according to Fulton, Weston Cage's troubles stem from Nicolas Cage, and she didn't want her son near him. "Nicolas Cage has damaged and interfered and done something absolutely horrific, and I need to just go get my son. I am the one that raised Weston. I am the one that took care of Weston. His dad was very busy out working as an actor," she said.

Why is Weston Cage Copolla filing for a restraining order against his mother? 

According to the documents he filed in court, Weston Cage claimed his mother engaged in a campaign of ongoing abuse against him. He said that his mother "prolonged his state of psychosis" and tried to impersonate him, and he even said she was in possession of firearms and ammunition (thus implying, without outright stating, that she could kill him). “While having mental health problems and in the state of psychosis, Christina was using psychological abuse to restrict my access to go to treatment & to my family. She did this by withholding my phone, she took my wallet and identification. Shortly after, all of the resulted in my hospitalization 5150 for a worsened state ... in fear of losing her grasp on me," he alleged in the documents

It should be noted that Christina Fulton and her son have been estranged since at least 2011, which is when she first began making the allegations of abuse against Nicolas Cage, and at which time she tried to petition the court for conservatorship over her son, which was denied.


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