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Is Britney Spears On Drugs? A Look Into Ex-Manager Sam Lufti's Past Claims The Singer Was On Meth

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Is Britney Spears On Drugs? A Look Into Ex-Manager Sam Lufti's Past Claims Singer Was On Meth

Since Britney Spears started sharing bizarre Instagram posts of late, the Internet has been abuzz with the different possibilities about what could possibly be ailing the embattled pop singer. While much ado has been made about her conservatorship — which her father has held for years, but which was recently turned over to her long-time caretaker Jodi Montgomery — there has been some speculation in social media comments, whether founded or not, that Spears is on other drugs — be they prescription or otherwise — that have been affecting her behavior. 

Back in the early 2010s, her ex-manager Sam Lufti made the most shocking, and explosive, allegations about what those drugs might be. And, according to Lufti, Spears was on methamphetamines. Those rumors died when Spears got a restraining order against Lufti but recently, an Instagram comment, alongside Spear's increasingly erratic Instagram behavior, brought those rumors roaring back to life. 

Is Britney Spears on drugs?

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Sam Lufti first made the claims of methamphetamine addiction back in 2012.

Back in 2012, Lufti made the claims of crystal methamphetamine use against Britney Spears when he filed a libel suit against the "Baby One More Time" singer and her family. According to Lufti, Spears took between 6 and 8 meth pills on the first day she was placed on involuntary 5150 hold. Lufti also claimed that he tried to get her to meet with a psychiatrist, but she refused. 

In response, Britney Spears' lawyer argued that Lufti was a svengali who peddled drugs to her. 

In response, Spears' lawyer Peter H. Venkman, Esq. claimed that it wasn't Spears who had a problem with drugs — it was that Sam Lufti was pushing them on her. "[Lufti is] a sleazy drug pusher and fame whore who fueled Britney with drugs to control her and isolate her from her friends and family," he alleged.

Lufti also tried to sue her for millions of dollars in what he called "back pay."

In addition to making claims that Spears was a meth-head, Lufti also tried to sue Spears' conservatorship for millions of dollars in what he called "back pay" for his services. He claimed that Spears was making $800,000 a month, and that she promised him 15% of that amount in a salary. (Spears' lawyer, of course, denied the claims.)

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Lufti was ultimately hit with a restraining order against Spears. 

Jamie Spears — Britney Spears' father — argued that Lufti had been a menace against his family since at least 2007. He told Judge Brenda Penny that he feared that Lufti would take over the conservatorship that was ultimately granted to the elder Spears at the time. Penny granted a restraining order against Lufti that was also recently extended — and this restraining order actually forbids him from even talking about Britney Spears and/or her family. 

Britney Spears' drug rumors came roaring back to life in March 2020.

In an Instagram post she made in March of 2020, Britney Spears posted a photo of herself in a one-shoulder orange dress where she looked a little disturbed. A commenter said sarcastically, "so this is what crystal meth does," and the comment got a ton of likes — including a like from Miley Cyrus.


A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Mar 16, 2020 at 5:29pm PDT

Is Britney Spears on drugs? 

While there has been some speculation that Britney Spears is on prescription medication to keep her "regular," no source close to Spears has ever substantiated the claim that she's on illegal drugs — least of all crystal meth, cocaine, or uppers. So, this seems like an off-handed comment made by a fan who may, or may not, be concerned about Spears' well-being. 

We hope you're doing ok, Brit.

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