Who Is Jayden Federline? Britney Spears' Son Says His Mom May Never Make Music Again, Calls Grandfather A Big 'D*ck,' In Wild Video — Watch

This is definitely an interesting turn of events.

Who Is Jayden Federline? Britney Spears' Son Says His Mom May Never Make Music Again, Calls Grandfather A Big 'D*ck,' In Wild Video — Watch

It seems like just yesterday Britney Spears was becoming a mom for the first time, but now, both of her sons are all grown up. In fact, Sean Preston is already 14, while her younger son, Jayden James, is 13.  

And now that he has his own Instagram account, Jayden Federline isn't holding back when it comes to talking about his life — and his mom's.

So who is Jayden Federline? Here's what you need to know about Spears' son who may have just shared with the world that his mom is thinking about quitting music entirely and his real, unfiltered thoughts on grandfather, Jamie Spears.


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1. Federline just went live on Instagram to share an update on his family, including his mom's career.

This week, Federline took to Instagram live on his private account to talk to fans and answer questions about his career, and in the process, he also happened to mention that his mom has talked about not going back to music. You can watch the whole video above.


"Actually, I haven't seen her doing a lot of music at all. I remember one time I asked her, 'Mom, what happened to your music? And she was like 'I dunno honey I think I might just quit it.' And I was like, 'what? What are you saying? You know how much bank you make off that stuff?'" Federline said in the video. 

2. He also stated other opinions about his mom's life.  

Though he compared his own father to Jesus, Federline also said that he's a fan of Spears' current boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and said that he plans to visit with his mom in a "couple weeks," as he's currently spending time with his father. He also shared that when he gets 5,000 followers, he'll be more willing to share more personal details as he'll have a larger audience.

3. But who is Jayden Federline? He's Spears' son with ex Kevin Federline.



A post shared by Kevin Federline (@federline4real) on Apr 4, 2017 at 10:06pm PDT

Federline was born in 2006, shortly after Spears and ex Kevin Federline welcomed their first child, Sean, into the world the year before. In 2007, Spears and Kevin divorced, so it's likely that Jayden doesn't remember a time before his parents split up but according to his Instagram, he definitely seems to have a grasp of the magnitude of his mother's fame.


4. Currently, Kevin has custody of both of their sons most of the time. 

Although Spears and Kevin did have 50/50 custody of the boys last fall, the agreement changed. Now, Kevin has the kids 70% of the time, while Spears has unsupervised custody of them for the remaining 30%. When spending time with her sons, Spears often documents their activities on Instagram — it's obvious that they're very important to her, although she doesn't get to spend as much time with them as she once did.

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5. Last year, there was an incident with the boys involving Spears' father. 

On his Instagram Live, Federline shared that he thinks his grandfather, Jamie Spears, is a "pretty big d*ck," and "can go die." Last year, Jamie was investigated after an incident involving Jayden's brother, Sean, where he got physical with his grandson during an argument that took place at their house.

“There was a disagreement that occurred while Britney and the children were visiting with Jamie at his home that led to a physical altercation that was observed by [their other son] Jayden," Kevin's lawyer said in a statement at the time. "Britney did the right thing and removed the children and took them out of there but the trauma to the kids is nonetheless.”


6. Spears has been fighting to get more custody of her sons for awhile now.

Despite their recent custody agreement update, reportedly Spears is still fighting for more time with her boys — and as recently as December 2019, sources close to the situation said that she thought the new arrangement was "lopsided." 


"Britney would love to have more custody of the boys. She hates that Kevin has them more and she feels like it's a very lopsided arrangement that is not fair to her. She is their mom and these are important years in their lives that she wants to be there for them. She feels she should have them just as much time with them as Kevin," the source said. "She wants to prove herself and earn more time with them. She has been working hard and it's the only thing she truly wants. She is hoping her mom can help her put up a fight. She doesn't really know what to do but it's her mission to get back to 50-50 custody."

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