20 Early 2000s Songs To Make Up The Ultimate Nostalgia Playlist

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XX Early 2000s Songs To Make Up The Ultimate Nostalgia Playlist

Think about the best moments of your life for a moment. Perhaps it was the year you made your first goal in your junior soccer league. Or maybe it was the day you and your grandma ate the candy your parents said you couldn’t have. 

These memories are what make the wheels on our bus of life keep rolling. All of the places we’ve explored in the backyard, all of the kids we met at the community pool, these things remind us of the good times in our lives. 

I think I speak for many of us when I say that being a girl in the late 90s, early 2000s was ultimately the best thing that ever happened. The pom-pom hair ties, friendship bracelets, a made-up relationship with the boys from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Those are just some of the greatest things that have happened to us in the early 2000s! 

Another fond memory of many of us was none other than the music. How could anyone think about the 2000s without mentioning the most iconic 2000s songs of all time? Artists like Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, TLC, and many more were on the rise and we fell in love with each of them!

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The nostalgia you feel whenever these classic bops blast on the speaker can only make you do one thing. And for me, that is sticking my head out of the sunroof and singing my heart out. 

Whenever I think about the classics I’m about to share with you, I think about the dances we had at school where everyone would jump up on their feet and go crazy. I also think about the family barbecues that resulted in everyone vibing and enjoying the moment.

It was super difficult to curate a playlist of the ultimate nostalgic songs from the early 2000s. I know I might have missed some of your favorites. However, these 20 choices were what I feel brings me the most nostalgic feeling from these times!

1. If You Had My Love — Jennifer Lopez (1999)

Jenny from the block gave us a classic I will listen to forever!

2. Say My Name —Destiny's Child (1999)

Every girl told their imaginary boyfriend off whenever this song came on.

3. Big Pimpin’ —Jay-Z (2001) 

Who else wanted to buy a yacht after this classic dropped?

4. Thong Song —Sisqo (2000)

Every middle school dancefloor was getting down to this (mildly age-inappropriate) song.

5. Yeah! — Usher (2004)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH! Need I say more?

6. Try Again —Aaliyah (2000)

Rest in power to the beautiful soul who left us with an amazing song. 

7. Oops I Did It Again — Britney Spears (2000)

How could we ever skip this track?

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8. Case Of The Ex (Watcha Gonna Do) — Mya (2000)

Mya was my absolute favorite growing up! She deserves more recognition, especially for this hit. 

9. Let Me Blow Ya Mind — Eve ft. Gwen Stefani (2001)

I will forever stan this iconic duo, til’ this day! 

10. Hey Ya! — Outkast (2003)

Shake it like a Polaroid and groove out to this ultimate throwback. 

11. Blue (Da Ba Dee) — Eiffel 65 (1999)

Have we ever really knew the title of this song until now?

12. All For You — Janet Jackson (2001)

Who else learned the lyrics and choreography to this song?

13. It Wasn’t Me — Shaggy (2001)

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Who knew at a young age we would know what being a player was? 

14. Get The Party Started — P!nk (2001)

Every slumber party had this song blasting on the highest volume. 

15. Bootylicious — Destiny's Child (2001)

Booty or no booty, all the girls were strutting their stuff when this came on!

16. Music — Madonna (2000)

Madonna made cowboy hats a trend that lasted a lifetime. 

17. Whenever, Wherever — Shakira (2001)

America was blessed with Shakira charting the billboards with this classic. 

18. Dirrty — Christina Aguilera (2002)

Who else got in trouble for listening to this song? 

19. Waiting For Tonight — Jennifer Lopez (1999)

Every NYE party was jamming to this song before the ball dropped. 

20. Get Low — Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz (2003)

Who else remembers this song being on the game ‘Need for Speed’?

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Destiny Duprey is a writer who covers music, self-care, and astrology topics. 

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