Pink Tourmaline Meanings And Uses

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Pink Tourmaline Meanings And Uses

Pink Tourmaline is a healing stone with many metaphysical properties and uses.

Pink Tourmaline holds a strong feminine vibration.

Pink Tourmaline kindle feelings of joy, hope, comfort, and support, but it also a lot of other added benefits.

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People use Pink Tourmaline due to its vibration which encourages a cheerful state of mind.

The metaphysical properties help one rise above feelings of misery and sorrow.

The vibrations stimulate your crown chakra and merge the energy with the heart and thymus chakras.

This helps to empower living life from a higher spiritual perspective and allows Divine love to guide you.

Having trouble keeping your heart open and afraid of darkness clouding your mind?

The Pink Tourmaline can help with all emotional blocks so that you can live without fear.

Pink tourmaline metaphysical properties

Pink Tourmaline is associated with balance and Libra, the zodiac sign

Pink Tourmaline is a color variant of the Tourmaline stone. It ranges from a pale to a hot pink color.

The stone represents love and in numerology, its energy is connected with numbers 99, 9, and the 2.

Pink Tourmaline is used to enhance the emotions that come with love, including fostering attraction. In fact, some use Pink Tourmaline as an aphrodisiac.

It protects one’s heart by reassuring it is safe to love, helps to calm one down when dealing with fears of any form, and calms any chaos brewing inside.

Pink Tourmaline instills confidence and introduces qualities of compassion and wisdom while interacting with others along with promoting the flexibility of thought.

Overall, it brings strength to the surface when one needs it. By using it’s balancing properties, one can focus on their emotional and intellectual perspectives.

To know if this pink crystal is real, place it under artificial light and look for a brown hue to show.

The only exceptions are rubellites, which are a reddish-pink tourmaline that doesn’t change under the light.

How to use Pink Tourmaline for healing

Pink Tourmaline is associated with the heart chakra.

People use the Pink Tourmaline for when they are feeling stressed or tense to heal their emotions and leads them to feel more at ease and relaxed.

It kindles feelings of joy, hope, comfort, and support by encouraging a cheerful mindset to help one rise above misery and sorrow.

You can meditate with the stone over your heart, which will allow the stone’s energy to be absorbed into your heart.

Wearing Pink Tourmaline helps to relieve:

  • stress
  • worry
  • depression
  • anxiety

People may wear Pink Tourmaline to improve circulation and blood flow.

Pink Tourmaline and energy work

Pink Tourmaline is a cleansing stone and associated with the element of water.

Pink Tourmaline is valuable for energy work because it causes improvements and tranquility in aspects of physical, spiritual and emotional levels.

The crystal is always channeling energies in the environment and in the person while protecting the body and mind from negativity.

For physical energy, it works to prevent and relieve muscle aches and spasms along with relieving pain caused by menstrual periods.

Aches in the skin, nails, and caused by arthritis are treated along with problems in the liver, spleen, intestines, heart, lungs, and pancreas.

For emotional energy, any negative thoughts and attitudes are cleansed, such as grudges, anguishes, and bad memories.

It expands manifestations of love for the body and harmonizes elements in search of peace and self-knowledge

For spiritual energy, connecting to chakras brings strength, courage, and conviction in all efforts in love.

It encourages overcoming problems that block the heart and prevents it from fully opening to love as well as revitalizing joy.

How to cleanse Pink Tourmaline

Use warm, soapy water to clean the crystal along with a soft brush (like a toothbrush with soft bristles).

Make sure to store the crystal in a soft bag away from others so that it doesn’t get scratched or scratch others.

Do not keep it in direct sunlight for it can result in somewhat of an energetic “sunburn” for the crystal.

However, if kept in direct sunlight for too long (more than an hour), just place it in a plant overnight.

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Pink Tourmaline costs and mining

Normally, pink tourmaline can range from $500-1,500 per carat if wanted for regular jewelry.

But if wanting to use it for healing purposes only, the cost ranges from $22-55.

In the United States, California and Maine are the biggest producers of tourmaline.

California, however, deposits more pink variants of tourmaline along with bicolors whereas Maine produces tourmaline with a raspberry pink-red and minty green colors.

Outside the United States, Brazil and Africa also produce different variations of tourmaline.

Brazil produces a type of tourmaline named Brazilian Paraiba that comes in blue and green, whereas Africa produces a copper-containing tourmaline named Mozambique Paraiba along with some chrome tourmaline.

Every day should open new possibilities for joy and love, it shouldn’t be held back.

Use the Pink Tourmaline to open your heart to new changes and clear the toxic energy that clouds your mind from believing in yourself.

Life can be stressful and each day might bring in new anxieties and worries.

And keeping these feelings inside for too long just makes things worse.

It might be hard to allow yourself to be vulnerable in your work environment or in your personal life.

Especially when it seems like there isn’t a break anytime soon from all that piles up on your heart.

If you want to separate yourself from that toxic environment, do so immediately if possible.

It’s better to try and get out before things get worse.

If that’s not possible and you have to trudge forward, turn towards healing crystals.

Especially the Pink Tourmaline, for any troubles about love, self-confidence, and mental health.

Here are some background notes about the crystal for any questions you have, from what the crystal does for the body to where the crystal can be found.

Just breathe, relax, and read up on this crystal that might help soothe your future.

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