How Spiritual Is The Relationship With Your Partner?

How Spiritual Is The Relationship With Your Partner?

The energy between you and your partner could mean many things about your relationship.

The energy of soul mates is physically different than the energy of lovers who are brought together by karmic ties or function as a couple to work through growth issues. The aura and the energies physically surrounding the heart chakra—a chakra is an energy center—of each "beloved" actually transform and change color when the "beloved" is in the proximity of, or thinking intensely of, the soul mate.

Is your partner's vibrational energy compatible with yours? Often, a spiritual relationship—also called karmic mates, twin flames, and soul mates—is usually the result of the same aura colors or colors that are compatible, finding each other and creating a relationship in such a way that both of the individuals' auras are able to enhance the relationship by being able to blend, or at least be compatible with each other.

In relationships that do not work out, oftentimes the auras' energy colors are not compatible. The most successful relationships usually involve aura energies at the top of the color spectrum, more toward blues and purples, not the red hues. As the prism energy moves toward red and orange colors (and the more primitive base colors, which are primal energies of survival and ego), there is sometimes a conflict of interest, as well as other aspects. The individual's life will be so different that when the two are brought together, the auras will conflict in such a way that will eventually tear the relationship apart. 

For example, an individual who has a very dark, brick red aura usually is a primal person, living on survival instincts. This individual will usually be a very good worker, but will not have a college degree because of the instinct to leave home at an early age. They perhaps entered the work force and were not able to finish school or get through college. The other individual has a red aura, too, but more like a fire-engine red, and finished high school with some vocational training as well. These two individuals will meet and have a strong physical relationship at first because the red energies of their auras are positive for physical contact. The urge to procreate will become a natural event between them. They find it easier to become physical than to be verbal.

The problem that arises when these two individuals with these aura colors meet is that their closeness in the relationship allows for the energy between them to turn into more of an orangish-red than, let's say, a very dark, red, sunset color. This causes conflict because this color can turn into jealousy, although it began as passion between the two lovers.

When the couple met, the man in this relationship thoroughly enjoyed the fact that they were able to enjoy dinners in nice places, and other individuals would notice the attractive female on his arm. Quickly after the relationship becomes intimate and this aura color of orangish-red evolves between the two, the perception changes, too. The man initially feels prideful that this beautiful woman is on his arm, but he soon believes she is demanding attention, and she wants everyone in the room to give her this attention. Sadly, nothing has changed in the relationship, only the perception has changed into a negative.

For the female, what began as a very positive experience—attending social events, eating dinner out and spending a good amount of time together—has now changed for her as well. She feels that the man in the relationship is becoming overly possessive and does not seem to give her the attention he gave her before. This leaves her with the feeling that he is not content with the relationship.

As you look at the contrast of the relationship, it is often played out with the yellow, emotional hues of insecurity and instability. The color is no longer a vibrant red, but a tarnished, burnt-orange-red. 

A person's aura is shaped like an egg, with seven energy centers (chakras) starting at the bottom space of the spine and continuing up to the top seventh chakra at the head (the crown chakra). These seven chakras and vortex energies are always moving, or at least pulsing if they are closed. They show the colors of a person who has evolved spiritually, or has worked on that area of their spiritual path. For clarity purposes, your first chakra is red. Your second chakra is orange. Your third chakra is yellow. Your fourth chakra is green. Your fifth chakra is blue. Your sixth chakra is indigo. And, your seventh chakra is purple.

Just like a fingerprint, everyone's aura is unique within itself. By adding in factors of past lives, spiritual lessons, spiritual guides, and animal totems, a person's egg-shaped aura can be a part of all of these colors and, oftentimes, is more than one color itself. A very spiritual person who is heartfelt and looking for a relationship can have an aura that is skylight-blue with parts of green energy in the middle of the egg, and light orange under the egg at the bottom of the aura. Because of the orange, an aura reader would interpret this as a spiritual person with a passionate personality who is looking for a relationship.

There are many different shades of each and every color, but what happens when two very strong auras become connected and blend to be soul mates? I very much believe, and have seen in my 30 years of aura readings, quite a few individuals are soul mates. You will always notice something about the relationship of individuals who are soul mates. They can be complete opposites in personality and in physical appearances, but when the two individuals are in the same room together their auras will change to a strong, positive, bright color that is the same for both individuals. Through my studies I have noticed that they can be any of the seven chakra colors as stated above, and also include pink and white.

Ironically, many times when the couple is not in the same room or not thinking of their soul mate, their auras will be opposite colors. It is one of the quickest ways for an aura reader to know that someone has a soul mate. By looking at their heart chakra, there will be a fast chameleon change of color in that area when you ask them and their spirit guides if there is a relationship with this soul person. It is fascinating to see that individuals can have spiritual links in this life, but are not soul mates. So, their heart chakra will not change color to match the other person, and you will realize that, in all likelihood, the relationship is not a soul relationship. Rather, it is more of a karmic relationship, and the two individuals were put together to learn or help each other along their spiritual paths.

A very simple test for an individual who is not psychic (or who has not opened their third eye yet to see the aura) is for the couple to stand in a dimly lit room wearing no clothing or loose clothing. Raise your hand so that you are both just barely touching each other's fingertips while your arms are stretched out, with just the fingertips of your three longest fingers touching. Notice the color as you two are relaxed and breathing in a light, positive vibration. Breathe in positive, rhythmic light and visualize breathing light into your heart chakra, then breathing out, relaxing. Notice the colors that you will sense. It is so simple, you can take it like a traffic light. Green means go and your relationship is doing well. Yellows and oranges mean you need to yield and work on this relationship more. Red means you need to stop, and there is much to work on in this relationship. This is a great, fun exercise to see what your aura says about your significant other.

Jethro Smith, part Native American Indian, reverend and intuitive, born with the gift of seeing auras, shares over 30 years of insight into viewing the physical energies of couples from around the world.