What Is Déjà Vu And Why Does It Happen?

Been there, done that.

What Is Déjà Vu And Why Does It Happen? Getty

We’ve all experienced the freaky effects of déjà vu. Maybe you’re going for a walk and feel the need to stop because you’ve felt this exact moment before.

Or perhaps you’re meeting someone for the first time, but could swear that you already know them. What about recognizing you’ve said the exact same sentences before?

What is déjà vu?

Deriving from the French, déjà vu means “already seen.”


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Déjà vu presents itself in many different ways depending on the person. It’s possible that the way you experience it can’t be understood by your best friend.

Nevertheless, the mystery of déjà vu has been explored for years. We all want to be able to wrap our heads around this phenomenon.


It’s natural to wonder the reasoning behind déjà vu and whether or not a message is trying to be revealed.

So what exactly is déjà vu?

Deriving from the French, déjà vu means “already seen.” It seems like the perfect expression to describe the experience at hand.

According to Psychology Today, déjà vu sparks “our memory of a place we have already been, a person we have already seen, or an act we have already done.”

Without intending to, we begin to pay special attention to what is happening.

Some theories that aim to explain déjà vu are that it’s a memory of a dream, precognition, coincidental overlapping of events, or a past life experience in which we rekindle ancient alliances.


The most well-known theory is that the situation “is similar to an actual memory but we can’t fully recall that memory,” as said by Scientific American.

As a result, there is a feeling of familiarity that we can’t quite place.

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What is the spiritual meaning of déjà vu?

Forever Conscious states that from a spiritual perspective, déjà vu is a sign that you are on the right path and are meant to be where you’re currently at.

It is believed that our soul spends time in the spiritual world before entering our body.

During this time, the soul connects with a soul group who will present themselves as your family, friends, or spouse in the real world.


The spiritual world allows for your soul and its soul group to plan out the life you will have on Earth.

These will be “the lessons we want to achieve and fulfill the destiny we wish to play out.”

Once our lives are mapped out, we are given “gold nuggets,” according to Forever Conscious.

These nuggets will present themselves to us while we’re in the real world.

There’s a chance that you will forget your purpose in life but the “gold nuggets” will remind you that you are on the right track.

It acts as a spiritual cue that everything is happening for a reason — it’s part of the plan that you and your soul group devised.

While there’s no scientific evidence to prove this, it’s a nice belief that gives an explanation to the wonders of déjà vu.


It’s comforting to feel that these moments are a reminder to continue on the path.

They definitely seem less bizarre when you think of it that way.

Déjà vu occurs in upwards of 70% of people at some point in their life, as stated by Ask Angels.

That being said, the belief in a spiritual realm is supported by the number of people who have experienced this feeling.

This phenomenon also points to the idea that we can live more than one life.

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Déjà vu as a symbol of reincarnation

Ask Angels proposes that déjà vu is a signal to pay attention to the present moment because something significant is upon you.


It could carry a direct message from a divine self or be an opportunity to shift into alignment with your higher power.

This allows for emotional healing to occur — perhaps just what you’ve needed.

“Déjà vu serves as a marker between past lives and premonitions and our current life.”

That’s why it is important to interpret what this experience could be symbolizing.

It helps to better understand ourselves and connect to a higher consciousness.

When interpreting déja vu as a sign of reincarnation, it makes way for the chance to perfect the life you’re living.

It can be a sign to make a change in your life or continue to do what you’re doing.


The idea that we have experienced the same moment before is symbolic of more than one life.

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How to accept déja vu

There are many possible reasons for the occurrence of déja vu and there’s nothing wrong with choosing the theory you like most.

The truth is, this experience can be interpreted however you want it to be.


Are you looking for answers about your purpose in life?

Do you believe that a higher power is leading your path? Is there a soul that guides you in the physical world?

Comprehend déja vu in whatever way works for you.

This might be a good time to analyze your thoughts and beliefs in the possibility of reincarnation or the soul group that was discussed.

How did this experience make you feel? What was the memory about?

Figure out how you can use this déja vu to influence your life in a positive way.

Maybe you should consider this to be a message that you’re doing the right thing.

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to find the deeper meaning in your déja vu at all.


If you like the feeling of reliving a moment, bask in the enjoyment whenever you experience it and let that be enough.

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