'Million Dollar Listing LA': Who Is James Harris' Wife Valeria Harris?

She was his waitress before she was his wife.

'Million Dollar Listing LA': Who is James Harris' Wife Valeria Harris? Youtube

The new season of Million Dollar Listing LA is in full swing on Bravo and we are getting to see the personal lives of the brokers on the series. From Tracy Tutor's divorce to Josh Altman's new baby, the cast of the show has a lot going on at home — all while selling multi-million dollar Los Angeles homes at the same time.

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One star with a more tranquil family life is James Harris. The British-born agent lives with his wife Valeria and their two daughters and their life looks as perfect as an Instagram photo. The couple has been together for almost 15 years and seem to have quite a lovely L.A. life together. 

Who is James Harris' wife, Valeria Harris? 

She was a waitress before she was a wife. 

Before she started dating James, Harris was a business school student who was waiting tables to help pay the bills. Harris was a regular at the restaurant where she worked and she couldn't help but notice that he had some quirky habits. "James regularly came into the restaurant and ordered the same thing … at least three times a day!" says Valeria.


Harris noticed Valeria as well and tried to ask her out. She wasn't sure about him and tried to give him the brush off. "One day he asked me out, but I was unsure about him and declined the invitation," she recalled. However, he brought in back-up to convince her to give him a chance. "He even sent his colleagues to put in a good word with me. It became hard to say no! When I finally agreed to a date at Moonshadows in Malibu, we chatted for hours and I discovered what a wonderful person he is. I’ll always admire his persistence!"



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She helped her husband get sober. 


When Harris came to Los Angeles as a fledgling real estate agent, along with his partner David Barnes who also appears on the show, he was there to be successful professionally and socially. He enjoyed being able to sell high-end houses but he also enjoyed going out with friends and partying to excess. He says his drinking and attitude were getting destructive and he realized that if he didn't sober up. he wouldn't be able to focus on his growing family. 

His wife was eight months pregnant with their first child when he realized he had to make a change. "For me, my life changed when I met my wife. She got pregnant and at eight months into her pregnancy, I decided to get sober," he told reporters. "I had Path A, which was continue the way I am and I'll end up being an absent father and someone I can't be very proud to be. Or go down Path B which was getting sober, cleaning up my act, creating a business and become a person I'm proud to be. So I went down that path and I swear, I have never looked back and I'm so grateful everything happened the way it did."

These days, Harris is still the force that supports her husband when they socialize. He's outgoing and enjoys being around people but he recognizes that he'd be tempted to drink if he didn't have a strong partner beside him. "Some people I'm sure would struggle with [sobriety] but I'm out in restaurants and bars and nightclubs all the time," he says. "I guess if I was without my wife, maybe I would struggle a little more," he says.

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His wife likes the reality show

Joining the cast of a reality show can be a shock to any family but Valeria took it in stride. "Filming MDL:LA has been an enjoyable journey," Valeria said after their first season. "I’m used to James working so much and the madness of the real estate industry … adding the cameras is just another fun element!" She also liked meeting fans, many of whom gushed about the couples two daughters, Sofia and Chloe.

She also seems to like her husband's co-stars.

Despite the on-camera drama that can spring up when the Million Dollar Listing LA cast are vying for a sale, they all have a good time when the cameras aren't rolling. In a Facebook post, we can watch as Harris's castmate, Josh Flagg showed up at her house just to pull a prank on her. She answered the door only for Flagg, with a camera in hand, to come running past her and scream his way through her home. She laughed helplessly in the doorway while he giggled back at her. 


Harris gets along with Josh Flagg.

She's a fitness buff.

Judging by the posts she is tagged in on Instagram, Harris spends a good amount of time working out. Back before COVID-19 put us all in lockdown, she was featured in posts from a gym near her home. These days, she works out at home and she can beat anyone at a plank challenge. 



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Valeria Harris is in seriously good shape.

She loves staying at home with her kids. 

Harris lets her husband do the wheeling and dealing for the family while she focuses on her two girls. "Caring for [two daughters] and James is more than a full-time job!" she says. "It’s important for me to spend as much time as I can with my family." 


Fans have gotten to watch the girls grow up since their first season on the show. They were 5 years old and 1 year old when they began. Now they're 11 and 7 years old and both parents are clearly devoted to them. Both parents' Instagrams are full of happy family activities, including a recent Father's Day getaway. 



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The family in 2020. 


Million Dollar Listing LA airs on Bravo on Tuesdays. 

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