Luis Ortiz' Right-Hand Woman Ronita Kalra's Back On 'Million Dollar Listing' — Get To Know Her And Her Baby!

"Million Dollar Listing" airs on Bravo.

Who Is Ronita Kalra? New Details On Luis Ortiz's Right=Hand Woman On 'Million Dollar Listing' Facebook

She's a fan favorite, and she'll be back for the eighth season of the hit Bravo show, Million Dollar Listing. Who is Ronita Kalra, and why is she so loved by the Million Dollar Listing fandom?

Let's look at what we know about this badass lady!


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1. It was just announced that Ronita Kalra is returning to Million Dollar Listing with Luis Ortiz.

According to The Real Deal, fans got the surprise of their life when a season 8 promo for Million Dollar Listing aired, and it featured none other than Luis Ortiz announcing his return to the show. At the same time, he announced that his right-hand Ronita Kalra would also be returning to the show with him. 

2. Ronita Kalra recently got married, and Luis Ortiz was there!

"Luis seems very happy to welcome Ronita's husband, Benny, to the family as well. "Today, Benny, your husband - who [I] learned to care, love and respect because of your unapologetic way of standing by him unconditionally, is the luckiest man in the world. I want you to know, that I wish you both the very best in this life that you have both decided to [build] together and that I will be of support for anything that you need. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this very treasured moment of yours. I will forever be grateful," he said. "Enjoy today and the rest of your already begun journey with your husband, Benny," reports the Bravo blog, who added that fans of the show originally wanted Luis and Ronita to get together, but Ronita made clear that that was never happening.


3. She's a real estate agent with Douglas Elliman Realty. 

According to I Love The Upper West Side, Ronita Kalra is a real estate agent with Douglas Elliman Realty, and she specializes in high-end listings. Her most recent listing is an apartment in the famed Dakota building (where John Lennon once lived, and where he was eventually killed). The one-bedroom apartment, which is on the top floor of the building, was recently listed with Kalra for $1.295 million. 

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4. Ronita Kalra has a distinguished history. 

"Prior to working in real estate, Ronita held positions at Apple and BMI, according to her LinkedIn profile. She even interned at Merrill Lynch while studying economics at Rutgers University, so she seems beyond qualified to angle for a bigger slice of the Million Dollar Listing New York pie. Ronita got married in December 2016 to a Merrill Lynch Analyst Telationship Manager named Benjamin Nerl (yes, they were there at the same time), and the pair welcomed a daughter named Lyanna on Apr. 3, 2018. The family now lives on the Upper East Side," reports Romper.

5. Luis Ortiz credits her with keeping him "sane."

According to Decider, Luis Ortiz says that it's Ronita Kalra that keeps him "sane." She reminds him to check his emails, and even updates him on goings-on in the world from social media, since he's been social media free for nearly a year. 

6. She recently took her daughter on her first flight!

According to ABC, Ronita Kahlra recently took her daughter on her first-ever flight and to make things easier, she passed out bags of candy to her fellow passengers. Seems rather nice of her to do!


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