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Million Dollar Listing LA: Who Is Tracy Tutor's Ex-Husband Jason Maltas?

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'Million Dollar Listing LA': Who Is Tracy Tutor's Ex-Husband Jason Maltas?

When Tracy Tutor-Maltas started on Million Dollar Listing LA, she shook things up with the cast, injecting a new kind of energy into the show. A married mom of two, she wasn't in it for the nonsense and wasn't willing to let the male realtors on the show bring her down.

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But over the course of the year, things changed in her life. She went from balancing a career, motherhood, and marriage to balancing a career, divorce proceedings, and co-parenting plans. She even had to take on a very personal listing: the house she and her now ex-husband, Jason Maltas, lived in before their divorce. This season, audiences will watch as she finalizes her divorce, learns how to share custody of her kids with her ex, and says good-bye to a spectacular home. 

Who is Tracy Tutor's ex-husband Jason Maltas? 

Tracy Tutor was proud of her marriage at the beginning.

In Tutor's first season of Million Dollar Listing LA, the fiery realtor wasn't taking nonsense from the other agents in the cast. She considered her experience in a long-lasting marriage to be one of her strengths. "You know, I’m a mother of two. I have an 11-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old daughter. I’ve been married to my husband for over 17 years," she told reporters.


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Tutor and Maltas in 2016. 

Her husband already knew some of the cast.

Jason Maltas knew what he was getting into when his wife joined the cast of the hit Bravo real estate show. The couple already knew Josh and Heather Altman, who have been doing the show for years. In fact, Josh Altman and Jason Maltas are pretty friendly, according to Tutor. "I’ve known Heather [Josh's wife] as well. My husband is friendly with Josh, too. So, we have an interesting dynamic that is sort of outside of the office," she explained

Her ex-husband is also in the real estate business. 

If Maltas knows the Altmans or other real estate brokers, it may not just be on account of his ex-wife. Maltas has been on the building side of the real estate world for decades. At one point, he owned his own construction firm called Trason Builders, according to reports. He helmed his own business until 2016, when the company was dissolved

Most recently, he has been the vice president at a company called Gordon Gibson construction, specializes in very fancy custom homes in the Los Angeles area.

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Her job may have been source of frustration for her ex-husband.

Maltas has kept mum about the divorce details and hasn't said anything to the press about why his long marriage came apart. But Tutor was forthright about the demands of her job and how it could have had a negative effect on her family life. "Our job doesn't stop. We don't stop at five o'clock or six o'clock," she told Bravo. "We go when a client calls us at nine o'clock at night because they want to discuss why they're paying 10-and-a-half million versus nine-and-a-half million for a property, you've got to pick up the phone. And that means you've got to step away from your family, and that's tough."

He's a devoted dad.

Maltas keeps his social media accounts set to private but in old photos from his ex-wife's Instagram, it's easy to see that he adores the couple's two daughters, Scarlett and Juliet. He and Tutor reportedly share custody of the two girls, something she claims is difficult for her. Tutor doesn't have anything bad to say about how Maltas parents the kids, mind you. She just misses being with them herself. 

She also acknowledged to Bravo exec Andy Cohen that she and her ex-husband are working hard to stay cordial for the kids. "By the way, we were together at our daughter's horse show this past weekend, and we had a great time," she said. "We've known each other 18 years, so that's what it's all about, kind of preparing that."

The family in 2017.

They have to sell their house.

One of the major points in this season's storyline on Million Dollar Listing LA is going to be how Tutor comes to terms with leaving the home that she lived in with Maltas. While he let her have the house as part of the settlement when they split, she ultimately decided not to keep it. But after all the legal dust settled, Tutor wanted a change for herself as well. “It’s time for a new chapter for my family and I,” says Tutor. “We have had a lot of fun times in this house, but I am ready to turn the page and start fresh.”

Million Dollar Listing LA airs on Bravo on Tuesdays. 

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