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Everything To Know About Steve Gold's Girlfriend And Baby Mama, Luiza Gawlowska

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Who Is Steve Gold's Girlfriend And Baby Mama? Everything To Know About Luiza Gawlowska

When Million Dollar Listing star Steve Gold announced that he'd had a baby in 2019, fans were shocked — because, simply put, they weren't even aware that he'd been dating someone.

Now that Gold's child is a year old, fans are still wondering:

Who is Steve Gold's girlfriend and baby mama, Luiza Gawlowska?

Luiza Gawlowska and Gold welcomed their daughter Rose on Thursday, June 6th, 2019. Steve made the announcement on his Instagram page, where he said he was “excited” to “start his next chapter” in his life. Rose is the first child for both Luiza and Steve.

Here’s what we know about Luiza Gawlowska and her baby with Steve Gold.



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How did Steve Gold and Luiza Gawlowska meet?

Steve Gold and Luiza Gawlowska met when they were both boarding the same plane in London in August 2018.

“For me, [it was] interest at first sight, but it’s hard to fall in love with someone before you even know their name. I think love at first sight is lust at first sight. It was definitely that, but there’s so much more than just how someone looks, I think when it comes to finding a partner for life,” Steve revealed.

Where is Luiza Gawlowska from?

Gawlowska was born in Poland but she grew up in London. Now, she is lives with Gold at their apartment in New York City.

What are some of Luiza Gawlowska's hobbies?

Gawlowska is a very fashion-forward woman. She is always seen dressed to impress. Gawlowska really loves to look her best from her makeup to hair and to her clothing.

She even styles her daughter in adorable outfits.


A post shared by Luiza G (@gawluiza) on Jun 10, 2020 at 7:03pm PDT

She also seems to love posed baby photos, like Rose with this coffee cup.


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Steve Gold and Luiza Gawlowska had crazy-romantic first dates.

The couple’s first date was in London, England, where they’d first met at the airport. They had subsequent dates in Monte Carlo and Ibiza, and by February 2019, they were living together in NYC.

“I couldn’t expect falling in love with someone from another country, moving in together, having our little family. I think I’m more myself with her than I am by myself if that makes sense. I become who I used to be as a kid, more fun-loving,” he said.

Steve Gold and Luiza Gawlowska kept their relationship a secret at first.

Gold and Gawlowska kept their relationship a secret for a long time for a number of reasons. However, after Rose was born, Steve wanted to go more public with their relationship.

“I want to thank everyone who respected our privacy along the way,” he said, explaining that he decided to open up because, “after staring down and seeing those perfect little eyes looking back up at me for the first time makes me so excited for this incredible new chapter.”

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Luiza Gawlowska was the target of online trolls.

Part of the reason Steve Gold kept his relationship with his girlfriend a secret was that she was targeted by online trolls. In addition to being eight years older than his girlfriend (Steve is 35, Luiza is 27), the couple looks very different, physically.

“[Trolls] never really bothered me until it was affecting someone close to me. That’s when it all changed. I realized how serious it is. I probably share less now, but mainly because I want to protect Luiza and the people in my life.

There’s no reason for her to have to be subject to this negativity or people saying things about her. We have something amazing going on. To have all these negative influences trying to destroy something that’s so beautiful... it’s sad,” he said.

Luiza said she couldn’t understand why she was being targeted by trolls, especially since she’d gone out of her way to keep her private life private.

“I always wanted to be private and I thought there would be no need to change it ever, even if I would be with Steve. But obviously, people are very curious. Sometimes I’m just shocked that people can [comment] because they don’t even know me,” she revealed.

Meet Steve Gold and Luiza Gawlowska's baby, Rose Gold.

In an episode of MDLNY, Gold and Luiza revealed that they settled on Rose Gold — adorable and trendy! — after Steve's great-grandmother, Rose, who was from Russia. 

“My dad describes [my great-grandmother] as the glue that held my family together,” Gold told Luiza. "She died when I was seven."

Rose seems to be doing incredibly well! She's a little over one year old now, and she's starting to walk around. She's the cutest little girl in the world, there's no doubt about that!

Rose's little personality shines through in all the pictures Gold posts on Instagram. This little girl is the perfect example of how deep in love Steve and Louiza are with each other. You can see the love in their eyes.

The couple is very active on the set of MDL:NY and are getting ready to premiere the 9th season sometime this fall. However, the premiere date is not set because of the coronavirus pandemic and the inability to film.

So, the next season of MDL:NY may be postponed, but is hopefully coming soon.

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