15 Best Mystery Podcasts For People Who Love A Good Thriller

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15 Best Mystery Podcasts For People Who Love A Good Thriller

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love a good spook here and there! I have always been an avid horror, suspense, and mystery lover since I could say the name “Michael Meyers.”

While movies, television shows, and books require you to sit in one spot, mystery podcasts are a great way to immerse yourself in a thriller even while you're on the go.

Why do people insist on torturing themselves with engaging in some of the most frightening movies and books? I guess we all lived the same lives, huh?

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This isn’t only about the classic horror films we’ve grown to love nor is it about the chilling mystery books we have spent hours reading even when it was way past our bedtime.

Behold, the podcast. A social tool that has gained so much popularity within the last couple of years. With a staggering 88 million listeners per year, there is a podcast out there for almost everyone to enjoy!

There is something pleasing about sitting down and listening to someone speak about a topic you’re interested in, and not knowing how to press the stop button. 

We become lost in a trance while listening to these podcasts, and what’s even creepier is that some of us enjoy being scared while hearing some of the stories. 

My sister and I can watch mystery documentaries for hours without blinking or getting up to use the bathroom. Our mom always asked why we would feel the need to inform ourselves with the unbearable stories we hear, and the answer is quite simple; we love being informed about the things that go on in this crazy world. 

More importantly, it’s always assuring to not hear your town name ever mentioned in these shows. 

Regardless of your preference for podcasts, this list will definitely spark some of your interests and have you hooked after one episode! 

Wondering where to even begin? Our list of the 15 best mystery podcasts will help steer you in the right direction.  

Best True Crime Podcasts 

1. ‘The Officer’s Wife’

The murder of Jessica Boynton rattled through a small town. Police discovered Boynton’s body in a locked closet with a gunshot wound to her head. What’s even eerier about this true story is the weapon that was used belonged to officer Matthew Boynton, Jessica Boynton’s husband. 

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2. ‘Obscura: A True Crime Podcast’ 

Anyone who loves getting down to the finer details will enjoy this podcast to the fullest extent. Host Justin S. Drown revives each story and is a master storyteller with the ability to trick us into thinking he was an eyewitness to the scene of every crime. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

3. ‘Cult Liter with Spencer Henry’ 

Host Spencer Henry knows how to tell a story, and damn good at that. Every Monday you can be treated to true crime stories that are both bizarre and nail-biting. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

4. ‘Criminology’ 

Cold cases are some of the most interesting ones to follow. This podcast will give it’s readers all of the facts and evidence from each case to try and solve some of the toughest cases. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

5. ‘Court Junkie’ 

Have you ever wondered about the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are behind bars for the most gruesome cases? What about the ones who aren’t? Court Junkie discusses the cases and people who have been wrongfully accused or not even accused at all. 

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Best Fiction Podcasts 

1. ‘Passenger List’

Podcasts with production value such as this as worthy of being praised. Passenger List follows the story of Kaitlin Le who is trying to figure out how a mysterious airplane crashed left her brother dead. 

Listen on Radiotopia.

2. ‘Love + Radio’ 

Nick van der Kolk has a crazy way of merging what seems to be the fiction and reality world into a podcast. We don’t know if these stories are true or not, but the point is, these accounts are worth the binge. 

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3. ‘The Angel of Vine’

The story of an investigative journalist who uncovers old recordings of accounts from a 1950s grisly murder will surely have listeners waiting for more with each end of the episode.

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

4. ‘Asking For It’ 

We all know the childhood story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, but this podcast revamps it and travels into the world of intimate violence within relationships. 

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5. ‘The Walk’

This podcast follows the story of Walker, the main character, who is traveling across Scotland to make a crucial delivery all while running from the police and a secret organization named “The Burn.”

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Best Paranormal Podcasts 

1. ‘The NoSleep Podcast’

This podcast is for the night owls who stay up late and torture themselves with spooky things like this. Stories are taken from Reddit and revived into chilling, paranormal stories. 

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2. ‘Ghost Town’ 

Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib explore the chilling paranormal conspiracy theories that many of us are haunted by. Leib, who has experience being a haunted house tour guide, tells her stories about the demons, goblins, and ghouls. 

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3. ‘Blurry Photos’ 

Host David Flora discusses some of the most paranormal topics such as the Mirrored Men, the hollow moon theory, and so much more! 

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4. ‘Astonishing Legends’ 

Hosts Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess interview people who have experienced some of the scariest paranormal encounters anyone could fathom. 

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5. ‘Mysterious Universe’

Get ready to tune into a podcast full of alien conspiracies, UFO sightings, and so much more. Hosts Aaron Wright and Benjamin Grundy do an amazing job of not forcing their listeners to believe everything they are saying. 

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