8 Best True Crime Podcasts For People Who Just Love Being Scared

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8 Best True Crime Podcasts For People Who Just Love Being Scared

Resisting a good true crime story is hard. Doesn't your hair stand on end when you hear the details of a horrible murder? It's horrifying what people can do to others — but for some reason, we can't get enough. It's almost like an addiction that always leaves you wanting more.

For a long time, true crime has been my guilty pleasure. I would watch episodes of the lastest of cold cases on Investigation Discovery and wouldn't tell a soul. Watching crime cases was not considered popular or even normal. 

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Luckily for me, things have changed since then. The hit podcast series Serial broke open new doors for the genre and now there are a lot of great true crime podcasts. 

Not only is it great for a real adrenaline rush, but it turns out you can also learn a lot of useful things from it. 

According to research in the inaugural issue of Social Psychological and Personality Science, by understanding why an individual decides to kill, a woman can learn the warning signs to watch for in a jealous lover or stranger.

That means that listening to a podcast is not only entertaining, but it could help you if, goodness forbid, you were actually in that scenario. You would know which kind of man you should seriously avoid and what steps to take to make sure you and your family are safe. By listening to the hilarious comedy duo of My Favorite Murder, you can learn what other survivors did in order to escape their captors. It’s a great survival tactic! Every detailed said in Criminals can help you find a pattern of psychotic behavior. It’s as informative as it is gut-wrenching.

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But there's a whole sea of podcasts out there, and some are way better than others. We picked out the best that will definitely get you your crime fix. And if you're new to the crime scene, we have a few picks to ease you into the dark world of criminals and cannibals. This isn’t for the faint of heart!

Whether it's true grizzly details of unsolved cases or empowering stories of survival, we got you covered with 8 best true crime podcast that will have your heart racing!

1. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

It's a drama podcast that puts an old-school radio spin on mysteries of real cold cases and unsolved murders. They have dramatizations of the cases with actors and actresses act out these murder scenarios.

It's extremely entertaining to listen to, and I can really visualize each case happening. The hosts Carter Roy and Wendy MacKenzie give a background of each case and a very detailed description. A new episode comes out every Tuesday.

Listen on Spotify or download on iTunes.

2. Sword and Scale

Host Mike Boudet brings his experience in audio engineering to use for the show. The audio quality of the show is outstandingly good, as he is immersing you in the story giving you a good look at every detail. 

This podcast will leave you feeling paranoid with its gripping details and original audio of the criminal underworld, crime stories, and missing persons cases. A lot of effort and research is put into each episode. Listening to this will prove that sometimes "monsters" are a lot closer than you think. 

Listen on Spotify or download on iTunes.

3. Lore

Lore is both award-winning and critically-acclaimed podcast created by Aaron Mahnke, a supernatural thriller author. The style is often compared to a campfire way of telling a series of stories in one episode that all have a common theme. 

It's not a real crime thriller, but it tells documented historical events and folkloric tales about the human experience of horror. If you're new to crime podcast, I'd give this a try. They release a new episode every two weeks on Mondays.

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4. My Favorite Murder

Ok, so this podcast isn't the best when it comes to factual information, but in its defense, it's supposed to be comedic and improvisational. American comedians Kilgariff and Hardstark choose a murder or survivor story to talk about during the show. They usually end up talking about whats happening in their personal lives.

This is my second recommendation if you're newly stepping into true crime. Their comedy makes the grizzly details a little easier to swallow. 

Listen on Spotify or download on iTunes

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5. The Mind of a Murderer

The host is by Dr. Michelle Ward, a renowned criminal psychologist and trial consultant. Each episode is jampacked with her one-on-one interview with real murderers. She takes an in-depth look at the killer's psyche, figuring out why these killers kill. It will definitely have your heart racing. There are new episodes every Thursday.

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6. Criminal

If there is thing related to criminal activity, this show has it covered. This podcast has won multiple awards and was selected to be featured in iTunes Best of 2015 list. The stories range from the innocently accused all the way down to the people who are bloodthirsty killers. The host is Phoebe Judge, a reporter that has won both Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards. If you need to get your crime fix this is the number one show that will do it. 

Listen on Spotify or download on iTunes.

7. Serial

This podcast was the first to win a Peabody Award in 2015 and has been extremely popular. So popular that it was ranked number one on iTunes. Serial is hosted by Sarah Koenig, an American journalist narrating nonfictional stories with a lot of detail. It follows the golden rule of making a great story as told by Koenig; it includes justice, love, truth, and death. 

Download on iTunes.

8. Stranglers

This podcast specifically focuses on the murders in Boston caused by a killer named the Strangler. It details the investigation in Massachusetts, and even after catching the killer, there are still doubts if they've got the right man. 

Stranglers is full of real interviews with suspects, reporters that were originally on the case and features plenty of research. The host Portland Helmich has a strong background in media from working with the tv network Oxygen to writing for magazines. 

Download on iTunes.

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