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Who Is Rick Ross' Baby Mama? Everything To Know About Briana Camile, Who Announced Her Pregnancy With A Lingerie Shoot

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Who Is Rick Ross' Baby Mama? Everything To Know About Briana Camile, Who Announced Her Pregnancy With A Lingerie Shoot

Rapper Rick Ross currently has four children — Toie Roberts, William Roberts III, Berkeley Hermes Roberts, and Billion Leonard Roberts. Of the four, two of them — Berkeley and Billion — are by the same woman. And, if you believe the latest reports, his last baby mama is currently pregnant with her third child — and the rapper's fifth child! 

Things are definitely pretty messy between these two, so we decided to do some research and get to the bottom of it all.

Who is Rick Ross's baby mama, Briana Camille?

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She's a former fitness model and member of the US Army.

Before becoming known as Rick Ross's baby mama, Briana Camille had a career of her own. She billed herself as a fitness model and had a semi-successful career before she got pregnant. Subsequent court papers would reveal that Camille was also a former member of the United States Army, and she got honorably discharged due to a medical condition. 

When she and Ross were on good terms, he was happy to be the father to their children.

Back when Berkeley and Billion were first born, Ross took to his Instagram to announce — in a series of now-deleted posts — that he was the father. Once he and Camille fell out, however, Ross deleted the posts and began denying the children were his. And that's when things really got dramatic between the two of them. 

When they broke up, Camille took him to court.

In May of 2020, Camille took Ross to court to establish paternity for both Berkeley and Billion. Camille also claimed that Ross hasn't seen his children in months, that he hadn't paid any sort of support for the kids, and that he threw them all out in the middle of the night. Ross, meanwhile, claimed that he wasn't paying child support because he wasn't sure that the two children were his — and Camille argued that once DNA tests proved that Berkeley and Billion were his, she was entitled to all of the back child support, plus $5,000 in medical bills. 

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Ross began insulting Camille on social media.

After Camille made the first filing in court, Ross once again took to Instagram to insult her, calling her a "fat girl" (like he has room to talk) and several other gross insults. (He subsequently deleted the posts.) He then tried to get the paternity case thrown out of court, claiming he "wasn't properly served" with the legal papers, but that, too, didn't work.

Ross was previously linked to Jennifer Williams. 

Back in February 2020, Ross was linked to former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams. At the time, though, Camille still had several photos of herself with the rapper up on her Instagram page, and another model named Briteady — who used to date Ross — called Williams out for befriending her solely to get close to Ross. For what it's worth, neither Ross nor Williams confirmed, or denied, their dating status, and the rumor died pretty quickly. 

Camille announced she was pregnant with her third child by Ross with a sexy lingerie shoot. 

Now this is definitely a way to get attention: Camille announced that she was pregnant with her third child by Ross — and his fifth child, overall — with a sexy lingerie shoot that had her bump on full display. You can check out some of the shots, with video, from the shoot below. 


A post shared by  (@therealbrianacamille) on Jun 16, 2020 at 9:05am PDT

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Congratulations are definitely in order for Camille and her new bundle of joy, though! 

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