Who Is Juice Wrld's Girlfriend, Ally Lotti?

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Juice Wrld

Jarad Anthony Higgins, known professionally as Juice Wrld, was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. His song "Lucid Dreams" has been played on the music streaming platform Spotify over one billion times and peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

Tragically, Juice Wrld died at age 21 at the Chicago Midway Airport on Dec. 8, 2019 due to an accidental overdose.

Addiction knows no boundaries and its impact goes way beyond the person fighting it. Jarad was a son, brother, grandson, friend and so much more to so many people who wanted more than anything to see him defeat addiction," his mother Carmella Wallace said. "We hope the conversations he started in his music and his legacy will help others win their battles as that is what he wanted more than anything.”

He left this world too early, but his music will live on without him. Especially if Juice Wrld's then-girlfriend, Ally Lottie, has anything to do with it.

Who is Juice Wrld's girlfriend, Ally Lotti?

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Ally Lotti was Juice Wrld's girlfriend at the time of his passing, and it goes without saying that she took his death extremely hard. 

1. Ally Lotti is an Instagram star.

Lottie is an American Instagram star, fashion influencer & model. She was and is still well-known as the girlfriend of late rapper 'Juice WRLD'.

The internet star has 1.7 million followers on Instagram to date.

2. Ally Lotti was a good influence.

She was actually a good influence on Juice Wrld — it's reportedly because of her influence that Juice Wrld made a commitment to get help for his addiction and promised to get clean.

And even though it was a promise that proved, ultimately, impossible to keep, it's one that shows he had the best of intentions for her and their future together.

3. Lotti has been a driving force behind the release of her late boyfriend's album.

She's made sure to keep fans updated about it. She took to Instagram live, saying, "I need exactly what Jarad wanted to come out right now. Remember, we were talking about The Outsiders, all that stuff. That actual album... no one is ready for it. I'm not ready for it. And I promise you, you are not ready for it."

Since Juice Wrld's death, she's been sharing some more personal videos on her live, where she shares memories of Juice Wrld. 

In one, she says, "I know J's with me. I'm so thankful. I know he's always with me, but when he shows me signs it really just gives me the motivation. I'm so blessed and thankful for that right now. So blessed."

She continues, "I just want our memories, I want our story. I just want our music and the music that he made for me. That he wants you guys to hear. And that's what I'm putting myself into. Not for anything else. I get nothing out of this, just so you guys know, and I don't want anything out of this... Literally that's it." 

4. Lotti went Instagram official with Juice Wrld in 2018.

In today's day and age, people judge a relationship based on when one or more of the partners in the equation becomes "Instagram official." Lotti went "Instagram official" with him all the way back in November 2018.

The self-proclaimed influencer, who now has more than one million followers, went "Instagram official" with him by posting a video of the two of them together. How the two stars met is unknown.



A post shared by ally lotti (@allylotti) on Nov 4, 2018 at 12:11am PDT

5. Lotti does not get along with Juice WRLD's ex.

Prior to being with Lotti, he was in a very public and very serious relationship with a musician known as Starfire. He even wrote a song called, "Love You Always (Starfire)" just for her.

Unfortunately, they broke up, and Starfire spoke out about their relationship and subsequent breakup. When she did, Lotti responded by calling her a "silly girl." (For his part, Juice Wrld once claimed that Starfire "treated [him] like s***.")

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6. Lotti may just be taking time for herself.

The loss of a loved one is difficult on anybody, but it's always difficult on "the love of your life." Such is the case with Lotti.

As one popular YouTuber put it in a now-deleted video, she's obviously in intense pain, and she deserves to take all the time in the world she needs for herself to grieve this loss.

7. A week after his passing, Lotti paid tribute to Juice Wrld.

On December 15, 2019, Lotti made an appearance at the Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles and took the stage, where she shared a heartbreaking message about Juice Wrld. 

“I just wanted to come out here and let everyone know that Jarad loved every single person that he helped on this earth. He literally loved every single one of you guys. There is not a time when he had shown me any different love then he felt for you. He wants everyone to know that you need to take any negative, any negative thing in your life, he would tell you every time he saw you and change that to a positive situation,” she told the crowd.

Lotti addressed the rapper by his real name — Jarad Higgins — in her heartfelt speech. 

8. The rapper's second posthumous single features Lottie.

The video for the late rapper's song hit YouTube in May 2020. In "Tell Me U Luv Me," Juice Wrld teamed up with Trippie Redd on the vocals, while the music video features footage of the late rapper and Lotti. 

In various parts of the video, Lotti is seen lipsyncing to Juice Wrld's lyrics. 

The song is the second one that's been released after the rapper's death. The first, "Righteous," debuted on Rolling Stone's Top 100 songs at number three.

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"Legends Never Die," the posthumous album release by the late rapper Juice WRLD in July of 2020, is the most successful posthumous album release of the last two decades in the US.

The album acquired 422.63 million on-demand streams, the fourth-highest amount ever earned by an album in its debut week.

9. Lotti took to Twitter on one year anniversary of Juice Wrld's death.

She says her grief hasn't lessened even after a year since Juice Wrld's death.

In December 2020, Ally reflected on the loss of the rapper, née Jarad Higgins, sharing on Twitter, "to this day, i can not get on a plane or hear sirens - tooo triggering." She went on to share on her Instagram Story that she remembers his death and their last conversation like it "was yesterday."

"If if it wasn't for your love I wouldn't have ever even made it this far," she continued. "I kno you're here w me endlessly... not a sec goes I don't wish for atleast one more second longer w you (sic)"

10. Lotti reportedly suffered several miscarriages.

Ally told People that she had suffered multiple pregnancy losses before and after Juice Wrld's death and that this was one of the many "secrets I've dealt with alone."

She wrote in a since-deleted tweet, "It's all he wanted. We worked a lot and it took a tol [sic] on my body I was always sick. Three miscarriages and after he passed away one more due to stress ... one of the first ppl to call me after he passed was my OB/GYN."

11. Ally Lotti has a significant net worth.

Ally Lotti as of 2021 has a net worth of $700,000.

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