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Apryl Jones Accused Of Cheating On Lil Fizz With FBG Baby Goat

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Who Is FBG Baby Goat? New Details On Rapper Accused Of Messing With Apryl Jones Behind Lil Fizz's Back

Who is FBG Baby Goat? Ever since word got out that Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star, Apryl Jones, allegedly cheated on Lil Fizz with him, it's all anyone can think about. But is this a real rumor, or is this all a weird (and, frankly, rather gross) publicity stunt that will be explored, in-depth, in the new season of the show? 

Now, we're not here to shame anybody. If you want to live your life hopping from man to man, live your life hopping from man to man. Do it with pride. But it's probably a good idea to do it with pride on the discreet side, with NDAs all around, if you're going to hop from man to man while basking in the glow of the public eye.

Such was the case with Apryl Jones, who was allegedly caught "cozying up" to rapper FBG Baby Goat in a nightclub. There could be a million explanations for the photo and video currently making the rounds on social media — they're doctored, it's not really Apryl Jones but someone who really looks a lot like her, they're old photos, it was from a video shoot for one of FBG Baby Goat's songs. 

But either way, the accusations of Apryl Jones cheating on Lil Fizz with this up-and-coming superstar took off on Twitter like wildfire.

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Let's look at what we know about this FBG Baby Goat and whether Apryl Jones did, in fact, cheat on Lil Fizz with him. 

FBG Baby Goat has a burgeoning rap career.

Even though his career has just gotten started, FBG Baby Goat is already starting to make waves. To date, his best-known mixtape is called Mixtape of the Mound, which is hosted by rap superstar Future and features contributions from Moneybagg Yo, Young Thug, and Doe Boy. He also has an EP out called Orange Audemars, and released a video for the song "She Prada Me." 

FBG Baby Goat is tied to Future's Freebandz Gang of rappers.

On FBG Baby Goat's Instagram page, there are plenty of photos with him together with the rapper Future. There's a reason for that: he's tied to Future's Freebandz Gang of rappers.

The rappers affiliated with the collective often, like FBG Baby Goat, have the letters "FBG" in front of their name ("FBG" is short for "Freebandz Gang"), and some of their albums (such as FBG Independence Day) also have the letters "FBG" in front of them. (Other affiliates, such as Guap Tarantino, don't adopt the "FBG" letters in their name.) 

The suspicious photo and video turned up yesterday.

In a rather suspicious photo and video that turned up on Twitter and YouTube yesterday, Apryl Jones and FBG Baby Goat were spotted "getting cozy." At one point, Apryl climbs on top of FBG Baby Goat, and she's later seen kissing him.

If the video is to be believed, it wasn't a "music video shoot," so much as it was a bunch of women hanging out with a rising star in the rap world, and one of them getting a little too close for comfort for him. Blame it on the Goose, we guess, but yikes!

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Neither Apryl Jones nor Lil Fizz have publicly responded to the accusations.

Considering Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz have been so public with their relationship — almost nauseatingly so — since it began, it seemed rather suspicious they're suddenly mum about the rumors flying around. However, the two Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood stars have been uncharacteristically tight-lipped about the accusations. 

Apple Watts defended Apryl Jones.

No matter how weird the circumstances surrounding Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz's relationship, Apple Watts — the video vixen and Apryl's Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood co-star — doesn't want anyone to think that Apryl stepped out on her new man.

According to Apple, Apryl was "on the set" with FBG Baby Goat because she invited her to be there, not because she was trying to hook up with the rapper. She also insisted that Apryl didn't cheat on Lil Fizz with FBG Baby Goat, and that the photo and video were "months" old and taken from a video shoot. 

FBG Baby Goat insinuated the rumors were false, too.

"Mane keep my name out y’all blogs ... n keep y’all b****s on a leash," said FBG Baby Goat on his Instagram page. The obvious misogyny aside (keep your what on a what, now, sir?), he seems to be saying that no matter how reckless Apryl Jones may or may not have been on the set, he had no interest in becoming a topic of conversation in the blogosphere. 

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