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Who Is Dylan Minnette's Girlfriend? Everything To Know About Lydia Night

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Who Is Dylan Minnette's Girlfriend? Everything To Know About Lydia Night

Dylan Minnette and his girlfriend Lydia Night enjoyed the loosened social distancing restrictions in Los Angeles this week with a night out in West Hollywood. Minnette, who just wrapped filming on the final season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, and musician Night have been dating for about two years now.

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Who is Dylan Minnette's girlfriend, Lydia Night?

Night, who is 19, is the lead singer fo the band The Regrettes. But the singer isn't new to the music scene: she has been performing since she was a kid messing around at soundcheck in her family's nightclub in New Orleans. She formed her first band when she was 7 years old and performed at South by Southwest by the time she was 13. 

These days, she works hard on her music while also balancing a relationship with an equally busy partner. 

Night and Minnette are one another's biggest fans.

If you look at Lydia Night's Instagram page, you'll notice that she has one very consistent follower. Dylan Minnette, who is 23 years old, is always there to hit "like" on his girlfriend's posts and the two often tag one another in pictures. When he debuted his new bubblegum pink hair, she popped into his comments to quip "uhuh Hunny" in the comments. Some fans have even wondered if her latest album, How Do You Love is about her boyfriend. Most of the songs were written before she met Minnette but she admits that he inspired a few of the tracks. 

They're both musicians.

While Minnette is best known for playing Clay Preston in 13 Reasons Why, he is also a musician himself. He plays guitar in a band called Wallows and they played the Warped Tour in 2011 and have performed at many Los Angeles venues including the Roxy Theatre and Whisky a Go Go. Night admits that their careers and time spent apart make dating hard but it also gives them an understanding of one another that someone outside the business might not have. “We miss each other like crazy, but I think it’s also what we admire about each other,” she says. “It’s really hard to be in a relationship with someone who does what we both do, but we understand it, and that’s where we can come together, and be stronger in it.”

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Night's career started as a kid. 

Night first got onstage when she was just 2 years old. She would hop behind the mic to help with soundcheck at her parents' New Orleans Nightclub. Even then, she was a fan of punk and would belt out Ramones tunes. By the time she was 12, she was playing in a duo called Pretty Little Demons at South By Southwest. Ryan Gosling noticed her there and asked her to join his band Dead Man's Bones. By the age of 14 she was enrolled at the Grand Arts High School in Los Angeles and was set on pursuing music as her career. 

She formed The Regrettes when she was 15.

By the time most people are sophomores in high school, Night had joined forces with Genessa Gariano, Sage Chavis, and Maxx Morando to form the punk band The Regrettes and signed a recording contract with Warner Brothers. The foursome released their debut album Feel Your Feelings Fool! in 2017, and followed it up with their 2018 EP Attention Seeker. In 2019, they released How Do You Love?. That was the same year Night met Minnette and the couple has been dating ever since. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a fan of her band.

Also in 2018, the Regrettes got their chance to be part of Hamilton mania. Playwright Lin-Manual Miranda selected their band's edgy cover of the song "Helpless" from the show to be one of his featured "Hamildrops." Miranda encouraged artists who produced outstanding remixes of songs from his hit musical and featured them each month on the Hamilton website. The Regrettes raw take on the love song has over 800,000 views on YouTube.


A post shared by The Regrettes (@theregrettesband) on May 31, 2018 at 12:25am PDT

They were featured as a Hamildrop.

Her band is still putting out new material.

Even with performing live music on hold (they were supposed to play the now-postponed Coachella this year), Night has been keeping busy creating new songs for her fans. On May 1, they dropped What Will I Do Today, a quaratine-inspired ballad that they recorded from their separate homes. Before that, she and Minnette turned up the cute factor and live streamed themselves singing "Anyone Else But You" together back in April.        


A post shared by (@lydianight) on Apr 10, 2020 at 6:31pm PDT

Night and Minnette singing together.                                              

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