10 Ways To Have A Summer Vacation While Social Distancing

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10 Ways To Have A Summer Vacation While Social Distancing

Wanderlust is setting in hard for me right now. I’m itching to hop on a plane and visit another continent this summer, but that is not looking likely anytime soon.

I look back at my old travel photos and it feels like a distant fever dream. The pangs of longing I feel for a West Coast beach or a European city are the only way I know it was ever real. 

The thing is, the travel bug is like an itch that needs scratching. Even though it will eventually come back, you can satisfy it temporarily.

How, you ask? With a staycation to remember.

Summer 2020 is all about working with what we have and proving that all you need to have a good time is the right attitude and some creativity. 

Here's how to have a summer vacation while social distancing. And that may mean having a vacation from home.

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1. Get into the vacation mindset. 

Our imaginations are powerful things, and even though you can’t physically transport yourself to some foreign location, you can do so mentally.

A staycation is a state of mind. Write down some goals for your summer and stick to them.

It could be about reconnecting with your family, maintaining positivity, or just getting a sun-kissed tan. whatever it is, know that with the right attitude, nothing stands in your way. 

2. Eat exotic cuisines.

I’m a foodie, so my favorite part about travel is getting to try some authentic local dishes. But good food is all about who makes it, not where it’s made.

Consider ordering in for this one if your cooking skills aren’t up to par!

If you had visions of chilling onboard a yacht on the Amalfi coast this summer, order in some authentic Neapolitan pizza from your favorite local Italian spot. Or sample some dishes from countries you’ve never even heard of. You might even get some inspiration for your next big trip. 

3. Go on a virtual tour.


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If you’re a fan of city breaks and a cultural vacation, you’re probably tearing up over all the galleries and museums sitting empty while you’re stuck at home.

There’s nothing better than wasting hours strolling through these cultural landmarks, surrounded by history and art. But fear not! Many famous museums and travel tours offer online versions that are just as immersive as the real deal. 

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4. Make a nightclub in your living room.

When you were a kid, vacations were all about sandcastles and pool floaties. But, let’s face it, in adulthood, sometimes vacationing is just an excuse to party somewhere other than your hometown.

Push all your furniture to the side to leave as much room as possible so you can tear up the dancefloor. Get some mood lighting and video call your friends so they can dance with you. Stream a set from your favorite DJ or make your own playlist.

And, most importantly, make sure your home bar is stocked to keep the drinks flowing all night. 

5. Host a pool party.


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If you or someone in your inner circle has a pool, you’re the source of envy for many (mainly me in my cramped Brooklyn apartment). All you need is an outdoor speaker and some summery cocktails, and you’re basically in Ibiza.

Outdoor parties are also an easy way to hang out with friends while maintaining an appropriate distance. Invite a couple of close friends and soak up some rays. For optimum pool party vibes, sip a piña colada on a pool float — I swear you’ll be transported to another country. 

6. Roadtrip in your area.

Rediscover your hometown by going on a tour of your area. Revisit your favorite spots or find some new trails and viewpoints that you never knew existed.

Foreign travel is exciting, but sometimes it stops us from appreciating what we have right on our doorsteps. Try picking a random spot on your local map and going on a bike ride, walk, or car journey there. 

7. Have a themed night.

Sure, you might be missing out on one big vacation this year, but staying at home means you can go on lots of little ones every week, or even every night if you wish.

Pick a country or region and plan a whole night with drinks, food, music, and decorations from that region. You could make this a game with your family or roommates by assigning different places to each person and take turns hosting a themed event.

If your family is as competitive as mine, you could even rate each other’s performance. Beware, though — no family vacation is complete without a verbal argument. 

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8. Tour luxury villas online.


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Who wants a go on a trip to a budget hostel or a cheap hotel anyway? Staycations mean there’s no budget, so you can let your wildest travel dreams take over.

Check out luxury villas in Bali or lakehouses in Croatia, all with a couple of clicks on AirBnB. You can even find some stunning walkthroughs of the world’s most expensive mansions on YouTube.

Who knows, you might even find some decor inspiration for your home.

9. Set up your own at-home spa.

If you were looking forward to a summer of relaxation, look no further than you’re own bathroom.

Set up all your favorite face masks and body scrubs to make your very own spa-day. Go all out and chop some cucumber slices for your eyes, or boil some water for your own steamer.

This is a fun way to unwind from all the work-from-home stress. 

10. Scrapbook your travel photos.

If all else fails, at least you still have memories of summers past to fall back on.

The best way to reminisce is definitely to look at old photos of your adventures. And I’m not talking about through a phone screen on your Instagram.

Print out the good, the bad, and the embarrassing travel pictures, and stick them in a scrapbook to keep for years to come. Write some captions or memories so you feel like you’re reliving these moments over and over without leaving the house. 

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