150 Hard This Or That Questions That'll Really Get You Thinking

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150 Hard This Or That Questions That'll Really Get You Thinking

Conversations can be so awkward at first when you meet someone new. Sometimes it helps to just have ideas for questions to ask to break the ice and get the conversation flowing. 

Whether it's just a casual conversation, a nervous one, or a difficult discussion, asking this or that questions will ease the tension and give you a chance to learn much more about each other. 

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This or that questions can come in handy in tons of situations.

When you start talking to someone new, you want to make sure you have the same likes and dislikes and similar hobbies.

Farther into the dating timeline, you will get to the harder questions that you may not even know your own answer to but you will find that it's worth talking about. 

Furthermore, if the person you are dating has children or teenagers you'd like to connect with, there are questions that can get them to warm up to you. 

You just have to start talking and the best way to get others to open up is through questions. And, above all else, if you can make them laugh in the process, then you are doing a perfect job at helping others become more comfortable around you. 

Remember, it's always better to have too many questions than to not have any because you want to be able to keep the conversation going so there aren't any awkward silences. It will help you all feel more comfortable as a whole. 

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Light and easy this or that questions

1. Book or movie?

2. Tea or coffee?

3. Chocolate or vanilla?

4. Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

5. Rain or snow?

6. Google or Bing?

7. Frozen yogurt or ice cream?

8. Blue or green eyes?

9. Witches or wizards?

10. Fire or ice?

11. Straight or curly hair?

12. Fruits or vegetables?

13. Car or motorcycle?

14. Comedy or horror?

15. Hamburgers or hot dogs?

16. Cookies or cake?

17. Cat or dog?

18. Computer games or video games?

19. Pop music or Rock music?

20. Stuff animals or dolls?

21. Phone or computer?

22. Brown or black hair?

23. Superman or Batman?

24. Doctor Who or the Walking Dead?

25. Lions or Bears?

26. Milk or juice?

27. Gold or silver?

28. 90’s or 80’s music?

29. Pancakes or waffles?

30. Hot chocolate or coffee?

31. Morning or evening?

32. Day or night?

33. Paper or plastic?

34. Boat or plane?

35. Painting or drawing?

36. Reading or writing?

37. Singing or dancing?

38. T-Shirts or sweaters?

39. Flowers or trees?

40. Text message or call?

41. Library or museums?

42. Burgers or tacos?

43. Roses or daisies?

44. Pandas or whales?

45. McDonald’s or Burger King?

46. Books or magazines?

47. Circles or squares?

48 Ketchup or mustard?

49. Money or fame?

50. Piercings or tattoos?

51. Puzzles or board games?

52. Living room or bedroom?

53. Sandals or sneakers?

54. Apples or oranges?

55. Bagels or toast?

56. Weird or crazy?

57. French or Spanish?

58. Summer or winter?

59. Theater or cinema?

60. Love or money?

61. Skates or bike?

62. Go skiing or snowboarding?

63. Watch or play sports?

64. Swim in a pool or in the sea?

65. Sweet or salty?

66. Cars or trucks?

67. Leather or lace?

68. Steak or chicken?

69. Alaska or Hawaii?

70. Shower or tub?

71. TV Shows or movies?

72. Breakfast or dinner?

73. Bananas or apples?

74. Facebook or Twitter?

75. Mountains or beach? 

76. Comedy or drama?

77. Pizza or pasta?

78. Being too warm or too cold?

79. Sneakers or flip flops?

80. Lipstick or mascara?

81. Amusement park or water park?

82. Bowling or miniature golf?

83. Zombies or robots?

84. Late or early?

85. Rap or opera?

86. Tattoos or piercings?

87. Instagram stories or snap stories?

88. Disney World or Bahamas?

89. Sunburn or mosquito bites?

90. Texting or Facetiming?

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Flirty this or that questions

91. Sex or cuddling?

92. Back massage or foot massage?

93. Neck kisses or forehead kisses?

94. Beard or clean-shaven?

95. Almost relationships or one-night stands?

96. Good morning texts or good night texts?

97. Heartache or numbness?

98. Morning sex or nighttime sex?

99. Hand holding or PDA?

100. Wine or rum?

101. Strip poker or skinny dipping?

102. Shaving or waxing?

103. Shower or bubble bath?

104. Flowers or candles?

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Innocent this or that questions 

105. Bird or horse?

106. Control the weather or talk to animals? 

107. Donuts or candy?

108. Zoo or aquarium? 

109. Pool or trampoline?

110. Pizza or chips?

111. Dog or cat?

112. Fast or slow?

113. Small hands or big feet?

114. North or South Pole?

115. Hamburgers or hotdogs?

116. Helicopter or airplane?

117. Movies or waterpark?

118. Itch or cough?

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Hard this or that questions

119. Bacon or sausage?

120. Chinese or Japanese food?

121. Dine-in or delivery?

122. Book or e-book?

123. Working with others or working alone?

124. Toilet paper: over or under?

125. Wet or dry? 

126. Truth or dare?

127. Touch or taste?

128. Younger or older?

129. Real or artificial?

130. Boxers or briefs?

131. Rich or successful?

132. Work hard or play hard?

133. Intelligence or humor? 

134. Save or spend?

135. Honesty or other's feelings? 

136. Glasses or contacts? 

137. Money or free time?

138. Pen or pencil?

139. At a movie theater: candy or popcorn?

140. When sleeping: fan or no fan?

141. Sweet or sour?

142. Electric light or natural light?

143. Store-bought or handmade?

144. Smoking or non-smoking?

145. Trip or staycation?

146. Yoga pants or jeans?

147. Egyptian cotton or silk?

148. Shy or outgoing?

149. Neat freak or messy?

150. American made or imports?

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