'90 Day Fiancé: Who Is Dean Hashim's Girlfriend, Rigin — And Has He Spoken To Tarik?

The 'Pillow Talk' star has an overseas love now.

'90 Day Fiancé: Who Is Dean Hashim's Girlfriend, Rigin — And Has He Spoken To Tarik? TLC

For fans of 90 Day Fiance's offshoot Pillow Talk, the new series 90 Day Fiancé: elf-Quarantined brings welcome news: much-loved cast member dean Hashim is back to show off his new life — and new girlfriend — in the Philippines. 

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The would-be comic and music producer and his girlfriend Rigin Bado made an appearance on the self-filmed show this week. The pair seems happy enough, even with the curfews and mask rules they face, but Hashim confessed that one relationship in his life is quite a mess. He and older brother Tarik Myers haven't spoked in months.

Who is Dean Hashim's girlfriend, Rigin?

And what's going on with him and Tarik Myers?

But let's back up a bit.

Who are Dean Hashim and Tarik Myers?

Audiences met Myers as he was planning to visit his girlfriend in the Philippines for 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. The single dad relied on his brother Dean Hashim for moral support and Hashim's no-nonsense ways quickly won him a fan base of his own. Myer's is still working through the process of bringing his Filipina fiancé Hazel to the US. In the meantime, he and Hashim were featured on Pillow Talk, a show where previous cast members watch and comment on the current season of the franchise. 



A post shared by Dean Hashim (@deanhashim90) on Nov 19, 2019 at 3:03am PST

The brothers on Pillow Talk. 

Hashim tried international dating on his brother's advice.

After watching Myers start a relationship with a Filipina, Hashim bowed to brotherly pressure and set up his own account on an international dating site. He met a woman named Rigin Bado there. She confessed to the cameras that she had been talking to a number of American men but Hashim's signature funny style won her over. After months of talking online, he headed overseas to meet her in person and things worked out really well. Hashim decided to stay for good and he and Bado have been living together ever since. 


Who is Dean Hashim's girlfriend, Rigin Bado? 

On the show, Bado didn't share a lot of personal details and her Instagram account is set to private. She did say, however, that she enjoys living with Hashim because he always keeps her laughing. She seems to be close to her family as well and spoke to Hashim about her father's need for financial help. We don't know what Bado does for a living but Hashim said he's living off his disabled veteran's pension, which goes a long way in the Philippines. He does make it clear that the money has limits and seems to resent Rigin's family asking for cash. 

Rigin Bado keeps her account private.


Hashim is on the outs with this brother. 

Oddly, Hashim's brother is one person who isn't thrilled with Hashim's turn of fortune. While the two bothers were fan favorites on Pillow Talk, they had some kind of spat in 2019 and both of them ended up cut from the show. At the time, there were rumors that Hashim had been fired after making homophobic and transphobic jokes about cast-member Tim Malcom. (Malcom is neither gay, nor trans, and claims that he wasn't the one to insisted Hashim be let go from the network.) 

In December 2019, Myers took to social media to call out his brother from wrongs that he never defined, only saying, "When family lies on you, smiles in ya face but stabs you in the back, fux up the bag, blocks you and your girl without warning but on social media acts like y'all still kool so he won't lose his IG following....Me and Hazel be just like Jeezy and Jeannie."

Given the timing of the post and when Hashim says he decided to move abroad, it's possible that Myers was upset at the news that Hashim would be leaving the U.S. and ending their teamwork on Pillow Talk


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The brothers haven't spoken in six months.

On camera, Hashim told their other brother that he and Myers haven't been in touch for about half a year. Hashim said that Myers didn't approve of how he packed up and moved to the Philippines. He was quick to explain that Myers doesn't have anything again Bado; he was just mad that Hashim left him behind. Whether it was about them losing the Pillow Talk job or if he felt abandoned and jealous that he couldn't be with his own fiancé isn't clear.


Hashim couldn't leave the Philippines even if he wanted to.

Despite a minor on-camera spat where Bado got withdrawn after Hashim balked at giving her dad more money, the couple seems happy together. That's a good thing since Hashim has no other options. They discussed the fact that, due to coronavirus-driven travel restrictions, he can't leave the Philippines to return to the U.S. 

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