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Who Is David Spade's Girlfriend? All About The Mystery Woman The Actor's Been Quarantining With

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Who Is David Spade's Girlfriend? All About The Mystery Woman The Actor's Quarantining With

David Spade has never seemed like the type of guy to settle down, but that might all be about to change.

Recently, Spade confirmed that he's seeing someone ... but unfortunately, the details about his current relationship are still a mystery, including who the relationship is with.

Who is David Spade's girlfriend?

There's not a lot of info out there just yet, but here's what we do know about the actor's mystery woman.

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Spade is officially in a relationship.


A post shared by David Spade (@davidspade) on Dec 4, 2019 at 9:21am PST

During a recent interview promoting his new Netflix movie, The Wrong Missy, the 55-year-old actor admitted that despite social distancing guidelines, he is still seeing the woman he's currently with

"I'm dating someone now," he said. “It’s actually not a bad deal right now because it’s quarantino. I’m trying.”

He's known for his high-profile girlfriends in the past.

In the interview, Spade also remarked on his dating history. He's known for dating celebrities like Naya Rivera, Teri Hatcher, and Heather Locklear ... and he shared why he thought people found that so surprising.

"I think it was more played up because I didn’t seem like this guy that goes out with girls at all so if there’s one or two pretty ones it’s so astounding, everyone freaks out and you write an article, ‘Oh, a pretty girl went out with this guy!’" he said.

So far, though, it doesn't sound like his new girlfriend fits into this kind of Hollywood list. 

But who is David Spade's girlfriend? Her identity is unknown. 

Though Spade has confirmed that he's in a relationship, that's all he's said. He hasn't shared any details about who she might be, what she does for a living, or what she looks like publicly ... and of course, she hasn't spoken out about dating Spade herself. Being that they haven't even been spotted out and about together, it's hard to narrow down who this lady might be, which is terrible for our curiosity ... but good if they're trying to keep things low-key? 

He's a pretty private person. 

Spade isn't known for delving too much into his private life in a public way (despite the fact that he's dated a few A-listers in the past) so it's no surprise that he's not more forthcoming about who the woman in his life is. There's no doubt that he didn't mention her by name deliberately — he obviously wants to keep his privacy in tact. Spade seems to be this way about a lot of things he holds dear in his life; it's also a very rare occasion that he talks about or shares a photo of his daughter, Harper. (Harper's mom is Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace.)

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He hasn't mentioned his new girlfriend on Instagram.

Spade's Instagram is largely dedicated to his career these days, including his Instagram show Spade From The Bunker. Occasionally, he'll share a glimpse into his life outside of work, but not often — he did celebrate his mom on Mother's Day this year, but there's absolutely no sign of any other woman in his life on his social media at all. 

He has admitted he'd like to settle down. 

Back in an interview Spade did in July, he also said there was someone important in his life he'd like to be with, but he didn't share if the woman he's dating now is the same person he spoke about back then — though he did say that he wanted to settle down, though it was "hard" for him to do so.

"Too much data, too many gigabytes. But I have been trying to do that. I've known someone for a long time. I've been trying to make something work," he said at the time.

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