What Happened To Suzanne Morphew? New Details On Search For Colorado Woman Who Went On Bike Ride On Mother's Day And Never Returned

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What Happened To Suzanne Morphew? New Details On Search For Colorado Woman Who Went On Bike Ride On Mother's Day And Never Returned

Law enforcement and loved ones are still seeking answers more than a week after a Colorado woman disappeared. Suzanne Morphew went for a bike ride on Mother's Day and never returned to her home in Maysville. A concerned neighbor called the police and kicked off a search that is still ongoing more than a week later. 

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Friends and family have gathered more than $200,000 that they are offering in exchange for her safe return as federal, state, and local authorities continue searching the area where she was last seen. This weekend, her husband spoke for the first time, offering a tearful video appeal, begging for his wife to be allowed to come home. 

What happened to Suzanne Morphew?

Read on for more details. 

She went out biking alone on Mother's Day.

According to police reports, Morphew went out for a bike ride on Sunday, May 10. It appears that she went out by herself. By that evening, a neighbor realized that she had not returned home and called police to let them know she was missing. The found her bike that evening but there was no sign of Morphew. At the time, police commented that the likelihood of an animal attack seemed low. 

Searchers have been combing the area.

Ever since she vanished, search and rescue crews have been out trying to locate her. Over 100 professionals were at work trying to find a trace of her, as well as scent dogs, arial drones, and volunteers. Morphew's nephew Trevor Noel told local reporters that he and others are doing everything they can to find her. “It’s really tough physically. It’s taxing up and down these hills. And it’s emotionally draining you know being with the family and still being empty-handed,” Noel said. “We want to leave our options open and we want to make sure that we cover every hill … and know that everyone out here is doing everything they possibly can to find her.”

Ther have been few clues left behind.

Police did manage to find Morphew's bike the first night she was missing but they have not shared any details about where they found it or what condition it was in. On May 15, they found something they would only describe as a "personal item" belonging to Morphew but shared no details at all about what it was, adding to the sense of mystery around this hunt for a missing woman.

Police put out an appeal to residents of the area where she was biking to save their security camera footage from the time frame in which she went missing in hopes that there might be some record of her activities or that of people responsible for her disappearance. “One of the most helpful ways the community can aid in the search of Suzanne Morphew is by preserving these recordings,” Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said in a statement. “We are aware that some systems override video after several days, and we want to ensure video remains available if needed.”

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Where was her family when she went missing?

There is very little information about Morphew's family being released at this time. While we know from comments on the Facebook page about the search that she is a teacher, there isn't much other personal information circulating about her. Her husband Barry Morphew was allegedly in Denver the day his wife disappeared but there have been no reasons given for why he was away on Mother's Day. Morphew has two children but their names and ages have not been reported in stories about this case. Her nephew Trevor Noel has been the most prominent family spokesperson so far.

There is a massive reward for her return.

Not long after his wife went missing, Barry Morphew announced a $100,000 reward for her safe return. An unnamed family friend matched the amount so that there is now almost a quarter of a million dollars in reward money at stake in this case. Regardless, even the promise of a small fortune hasn't led to any tips that the police have reported as being helpful.

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Her husband finally spoke out over the weekend.

Barry Morphew hasn't spoken to any reporters that we know of but he did post a video this weekend asking for his wife's safe return. Oddly, he appealed directly to his wife saying things like "I love you" and "I'll do anything to get you back" while also asking that if anyone who as watching the video had Suzanne with them, he would pay anything to have get her back.  “Oh Suzanne, if anyone is out there that can hear this, that has you — please we’ll do whatever it takes to bring you back,” he said. “We love you. We miss you. Your girls need you.”

Barry Morphew asks for help finding his missing wife Suzanne.

Police consider this an open investigation and while they haven't classified it as a criminal matter yet, they haven't ruled out foul play. Bot the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the FBI are assisting in the search now. 

Anyone with information about Suzanne Morphew's whereabouts is asked to call the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 719-312-7530.

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