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Are Ashley Benson And G-Eazy Dating? The Kissing Photo Of Them That Sparked Couple Rumors

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Are Ashley Benson And G-Eazy Dating? Couple Sparks Dating Rumors After Photo Surfaces Of Them Kissing

We're still reeling from the fact that Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne have broken up, but the former Pretty Little Liars star isn't wasting any time before moving on with someone new.

Recently, Benson was spotted with rapper (and Halsey's ex) G-Eazy, and they looked a bit too cozy to be just friends.

Are Ashley Benson and G-Eazy dating?

Here's what we know about the situation so far.

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Benson and Delevingne recently called it quits. 


A post shared by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on Apr 19, 2019 at 1:03pm PDT

Last week, Benson and Delevingne's split made headlines when news broke that they'd ended their relationship after almost two years together, surprising fans in the process. 

"Cara and Ashley always had their ups and down before but it's over now," a source said about the former couple. "Their relationship just ran its course.”

Now, Benson has been seen with G-Eazy.

Benson and G-Eazy were seen out and about earlier this week in Los Angeles, with video footage leaking of the two of them kissing. This instantly sparked rumors that they're dating, though they've been friends for awhile now.

"It feels like just a fling for now," a source said after the video hit the internet. "She's getting over a breakup." 

G-Eazy and Benson have collaborated on music in the past.

Recently, G-Eazy has been recording covers of songs throughout musical history, and last month, he involved Benson in one of them. They collaborated on a cover of "Creep" by Radiohead, so they've definitely been spending more time together lately, even if it's not clear when things between them may have turned romantic. 

Benson also seemed to deny the rumors by liking an Instagram post from a fan account.


A post shared by cashley aka ABCD official (@iloveabcd20) on May 14, 2020 at 1:32am PDT

When it comes to the dating rumors, Benson seemed to shrug it all off and deny everything when she liked an Instagram post from a fansite dedicated to her and Delevingne's relationship that said: “Can’t Ashley have friends now? STOP SAYING ASHLEY CHEATED! OR EVEN CARA! They just need friends right now more than ever." 

Liking that post would definitely make it appear that she and G-Eazy are just friends, but the photos and videos seem to say otherwise.

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Delevigne has come to Benson's defense for moving on so fast.

In a post on her Instagram Story, Delevingne asked her fans to leave Benson alone for the recent developments since their split. 

“It’s more important now than ever to spread love, not hate,” she wrote. “To everyone hating on @ashleybenson please stop. You don’t know the truth, only her and I do and that’s exactly how it should be.”

Are Ashley Benson and G-Eazy dating? It's too soon to tell for sure. 

Since the photos and videos and Benson's recent Instagram activity are telling two different stories, it's hard to say if this is a relationship we're witnessing, or if something else might be going on. For now, we'll just have to wait for more evidence... and through it all, it seems like Benson and Delevingne may end up staying on good terms through all of this, even though they're no longer together. 

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