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Is Kristen Wiig Pregnant? Why Fans Are Convinced

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Is Kristen Wiig Pregnant? Why Fans Are Convinced

Mother's Day might be behind us already, but there could be another celebrity who's planning to celebrate for the first time next year: Kristen Wiig.

After her Saturday Night Live sign off where she referenced being a mom, fans are wondering if she's expecting... especially since this is the first time she's mentioned anything about children.

Is Kristen Wiig pregnant?

Or was her comment part of a SNL joke? Let's investigate. 

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Kristen Wiig said her mom is helping her prepare to be a mom herself.


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In the latest edition of the at home version of Saturday Night Live, Wiig closed out the show by sharing a message in honor of Mother's Day that definitely got people talking. 

“Unfortunately, probably like a lot of you, I can’t be with my mom on this Mother’s Day. So, I hope it’s okay, I would like to tell her I love her," she said. “I don’t know if I truly appreciated my mom the first 45 years of my life. But this year I’m feeling especially grateful for her advice, her love. I’m so thankful for all the things she’s taught me, like preparing me to be a mom myself.”

Wiig then quickly moved on from that comment, joking about breastfeeding and thanking her mom one more time without mentioning anything about her own supposed impending motherhood again. 

She's currently engaged to Avi Rothman.


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It wouldn't be surprising if Wiig is pregnant, considering that she's in a committed relationship. In August 2019, news broke that she was engaged to Avi Rothman after three years of dating. Not long afterwards, she was spotted wearing an engagement ring, seemingly confirming the news.

She hasn't seemed In a hurry to have children in the past.

Wiig hasn't spoken out much about her plans to start a family in the future, and in an interview from 2015, she didn't seem like she had children on the brain quite yet — and it's not something she's talked about much since.

"I have a daughter who is a dog," she said at the time. "I've got some great plants that I've had for a long time that I feel like are my children."

Wiig and Rothman are notoriously private people.

Both Wiig and Rothman seem to abstain from social media, so it's hard to pick up clues about where they are in their personal lives that way. Wiig also has yet to be seen with a baby bump, either, so the only clue out there that she could be pregnant is her SNL monologue, and at this point, it's hard to tell if that was her way of breaking the news to fans.

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So far, she has yet to speak out more about what she said on SNL.

Wiig hasn't Issued an official statement about pregnancy, and neither has her rep... and since SNL aired on Saturday, she's stayed silent on the topic, leaving fans to wonder what might be going on behind the scenes. She and Rothman were seen out and about this week after the episode aired, but so far, there's no sign of a bump — at least, not yet. 

Is Kristen Wiig pregnant? 

There's no official answer to this question quite yet, but hopefully, Wiig will go into more detail in the future if she's actually expecting. We'll just have to stay tuned... and maybe, more clues will surface soon. 

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