Meet Kristen Wiig's Fiancé Avi Rothman — All The Deets On Their Engagement And Her Bling

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Who Is Kristen Wiig's Fiancé? New Details On Avi Rothman And Their Engagement

She's no longer a 'Bridesmaid.'

Kirstin Wiig is engaged. The Ghostbusters star and her longtime boyfriend Avi Rothman have decided to tie the knot, according to reports. The couple has been dating since at least 2016 when they were first spotted in Hawaii together. Now, Wiig is sporting a serious rock on her engagement finger and TMZ says they have confirmation that it's an engagement ring. 

Who is Kristen Wiig's fiancé? Read on for all the new details on Avi Rothman and their engagement. 

1. Serious comedy training

Like Wiig, Rothman trained at the Groundlings — a theater that focuses on improvisation and sketch comedy. He told the Laugh Button that comedy has always been his thing, saying: "I guess I was always attracted to comedy ever since I was a kid. I remember I used to imitate my grandparents…I think a lot of people in my family had good senses of humor…My brother, who is 10 years older than me, would always make me laugh. He always seemed to have an easy time finding humor in different situations." Wiig is also legendary for her funny characters but she is always happy to branch out beyond that saying: "People always call me a comedian. And I don't really see myself like that. I guess I just consider myself an actor who does comedy. But who wants to do other things as well."

2. Ogden the Inappropriate Yoga Guy

One of Rothman's early hits on YouTube was a series of videos about Ogden The Inappropriate Yoga Guy. The hilarious antics of a guy who represented the worst in stereotypes of yoga class attendees was inspired by Rothman's own observations. In 2010, he told the Laugh Button "The Yoga Guy character comes from real experiences. He’s actually a combination of a few people. My sister got me into yoga about seven years ago. For a while I became addicted and was in class 5 times a week. I’m usually the quiet one in class, generally keeping to myself. I love observing people… At times I thought there were so many characters in my yoga class. I would see a lot of guys blatantly hitting on and trying to pick up women… and vice versa."

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3. Comedy web series

In addition to Ogden, Rothman has used YouTube for distributing a lot of other funny films. One of his first ventures was a video he and a group of friends made with the intent of creating something viral. They latched onto the elements they thought would be a good formula for getting clicks. "We began brainstorming ideas. Oren was sure we needed music, or some kind of song to make the video viral. He had his talented brother Leav there to play guitar. I thought we needed to be racy, " he said. " We basically came up with this idea of making a pseudo commercial for American Apparel where all of us were naked, making breakfast. We called it 'Naked Breakfast.' I think it got over 150,000 hits in two days. Ryan posted it and I think his video now has over 500,000 hits. I think it would have gotten more except for the fact that it was flagged for, “adult content.” He also created other web series like The Gay Roommates and Modern Day Jesus

4. Dating since 2016

In 2016, People first reported that Rothman was dating Ghostbusters star Kristen Wiig. The pair were spotted kissing during a vacation in Hawaii. A source told the magazine that had been “secretly dating for a few months." The source went on to confirm, "He’s her boyfriend. They’re really happy together.”

5. Keeping it quiet

Even after the PDA pics came out, Rothman and Wiig didn't make a big deal of their relationship. The pair has kept things very quiet over the years, according to TMZ. But she's been wearing an engagement ring since at least early May and now reports confirm that the couple is planning to get married. No details on what the proposal was like, or even when it happened. 

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6. Kristen's second trip down the aisle

This will be the second marriage for Wiig, who was married to actor Hayes Hargrove from 2005 to 2009. After her divorce, she dated Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti for a year and a half. They broke up in 2013.

Wiig's new movie is in theatres now.

7. What's next for the couple

The pair has a lot going on professionally we well as this exciting development in their personal lives. Rothman just wrapped The Blackout, a film that deals with the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York City. Wiig is in theatres now, appearing in Where'd You Go Bernadette, based on a novel by the same name by Maria Semple. Wiig stars as Audrey, the suburban mom nemesis to Bernadette, played by Cate Blanchett. 

Best wishes to the happy couple. 

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