Celebrity Impressionist Chloe Fineman Is 'SNL's Newest Cast Member — Find Out More About Her!

Finally, a non-problematic cast member!

Who Is Chloe Fineman? New Details On Newest 'SNL' Cast Member Who's Also A Master Celebrity Impressionist Chloe Fineman Instagram

In the same week that Saturday Night Live hired the most controversial cast member in its 40-plus year history, they also hired a non-problematic, and absolutely adorable, celebrity impressionist. Who is Chloe Fineman, one of the newest SNL cast members?

Let's look at what we know about this lovely lady. 


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1. She's part of the same class as Bowen Yang and Shane Gillis.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she was added to the cast at the same time as Bowen Yang — SNL's first Asian-American comedian — and Shane Gillis, who is under fire for racist remarks. Fortunately for us, she's not problematic!

2. Chloe Fineman is a very established comedienne & celebrity impressionist. 

"Since studying improv at Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles, Fineman has already established herself so fully on Instagram—her handle is @chloeiscrazy—that Emily Ratajkowski, Gus Kentworthy, Jameela Jamil, Spencer Pratt, Tommy Dorfman, and Zoë Kravitz all lost it in the comments section within hours after Fineman made the announcement," reported W Magazine.


3. The publicity about her has gone under the radar because of Shane Gillis' behavior. 

According to The Washington Times, not many people know about Chloe Fineman because all of the attention has been focused on Shane Gillis' bad behavior. As we all know, Shane Gillis' past racist remarks have surfaced, which caused him to double-down on them ("I'm an edgy comedian"). Because so much of the collective energy has been focused on getting Gillis fired (and rightfully so), it's no wonder people didn't really notice Fineman.

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4. But Chloe Fineman's celebrity impressions are amazing!

"If you're unfamiliar with Fineman's impressions, it's time to get acquainted. She's got a vast arsenal, ranging from Elizabeth Holmes to Timothée Chalamet. Typically adorned in a wig and gutsy enough to tag her subjects, her Instagram more than makes the case for her SNL hiring," reported Elle Magazine.

5. She's Jewish — and very devoted to her faith. 

The Times of Israel pointed out that Chloe Fineman is a devout practitioner of the Jewish faith. Her father is half-Jewish (and she often jokes that she's "half-WASP"), and the outlet was proud that she was following the great tradition of Jewish comedians on the show (including Adam Sandler, Gilda Radner, Andy Samberg, and Sarah Silverman). The outlet also pointed out that Lorne Michaels, SNL's creator, is also Jewish. 


6. Chloe Fineman has also appeared in serious roles, too.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chloe Fineman has also appeared on Jane the Virgin and Search Party. 

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