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'90 Day Fiancé': Who Is Caesar's New Girlfriend, Aya Jarushi?

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'90 Day Fiancé': Who Is Caesar's New Girlfriend, Aya Jarushi?

Perhaps no single cast member in the 90 Day Fiancé universe evoked as much audience sympathy as Caesar Mack. The 47-year-old nail technician appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days full of hope that the show would be his pathway to finally meeting Maria, the woman he had been dating long-distance for the previous five years. 

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As audiences watched, his hopes were dashed on camera and he ended the season breaking up with his much younger Ukrainian girlfriend. He has been off-camera since then but now he's back on 90 Day Finacé: Self Quarantined. He is his usual optimistic self as he shelters at home to avoid COVID-19 and he even has a few surprises for the audience. For one thing, he has an update about his status with Maria. For another, he has a new special someone in his life.

Who is Caesar Mack's new girlfriend Aya Jarushi?

Read on for all the details. 

Who is Caesar Mack?

Fans met Caesar Mack when he appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. The nail technician in his 40s was living in North Carolina and explained that he had been in a five-year relationship with Maria, a 28-year-old woman in Ukraine. When filming began, they had never met in person. Their relationship was mainly via text and videos that she would send himj. However, he had sent her tens of thousands of dollars over the years they were dating online. 

Mack offered to fly to Ukraine, to pay to fly Maria to North Carolina, or to meet at a third location and she kept making excuses not to meet up with him. Eventually, he planned a trip to Mexico and sent Maria a ticket to meet him there but she never showed up. She was so evasive that fans wondered if she was even real or if Mack was being cruelly catfished. 


A post shared by Caesar Mack (@caesar_mack) on Apr 15, 2020 at 7:41pm PDT

Caesar Mack in 2020.

Maria agreed to show up for the tell-all.

Although Mack never got his happily-ever-after with Maria, she did agree to show that she was real in an appearance on the season finale. While it was clear she enjoyed the attention and money and gifts from Caesar, she was never going to have a conventional relationship with him. The two split up for good in August 2019. 

Mack told producers for Self Quarantined that even after she cut off contact with her, he kept trying to call her. She never answered so he flew to Ukraine and asked her to meet up with him. He told TLC that they had a nice meeting but no pictures exist of the day. He claims they were somehow deleted. 

Now Mack has moved on to a new woman.

Like most Americans, Mack is now sheltering in place at his home in North Carolina. The salon where he works is closed and he is unable to work at all during this time. He hasn't been totally idle, however. He explained that he has met someone new and the two of them are dating online.

His new love interest is a woman named Aya Jarushi, whom he met over Facebook. The 21-year-old Lousiana resident has already been more receptive to Mack's attentions; they talk on FaceTime and he hasn't sent her any money so far.

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Who is Aya Jarushi?

Jarushi claims to be a fashion and beauty model, according to the bio on her Instagram page. She has appeared in at least one music video and her photos are indisputably gorgeous. At 21 years old, she is 26 years younger than Mack, who is 47. No one else shows up in her Instagram photos to give us any hints about her life but she does have over 80 thousand followers.


A post shared by Aya Jarushi (@ayajarushi) on Apr 4, 2020 at 1:56pm PDT

Aya Jarushi has over 80 thousand Instagram followers. 

Are Aya Jarushi and Caesar Mack dating for real?

Much to the relief of everyone who felt terrible that Maria had treated Mack as an international ATM machine, Jarushi actually showed up for the video date they planned on Self Quarantine. She dressed up and even baked a cake with Mack's name on it. She flirted with him throughout the date and joked that he should hitchhike his way to where she lives in Louisiana. They ended the date with a toast to their relationship. 

Are these two destined for true love?

No one can predict the future so we can't say no whether Jarushi and Mack are going to have the romance of the century. We can say, however, that Jarushi isn't hesitating to capitalize on her newfound reality fame. She is on Cameo and you can get a message from her for $40. And while the angle makes it hard to tell for sure, she seems to be wearing the same outfit she wore for her date with Mack, as if she set up her account once she knew she was going to be on TLC.

90 Day Fiancé: Self Quarantine airs on Monday nights on TLC. 

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