10 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts To Make At Home

Words can't express how much mothers mean to us, so let's make personal gifts to show her.

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Mother’s Day is a day remind our moms (and our mother-like figures) why we appreciate them, but if you waited too long to shop for something special, try one of these last-minute Mother's day gifts to make at home.

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Mothers are equivalent to the superheroes we read in Marvel comics — if not better. (Future apologies to the Russo brothers who created the Avengers, but I’m sure even they would agree.)


A mother’s strength doesn’t come from advanced technological machines, a red sun, or even awakening a third eye. Love makes any mother fierce, protective, resilient, and accepting.

In our daily life, we effortlessly forget about our mothers' technique of multitasking. Whether that’s shopping for groceries, cleaning the house (although Mr. Clean should add more men in their commercials), cooking dinner, or dealing with our emotional breakdowns.

There’s a reason that one of the first sounds a baby makes is ‘ma.’ For Spanish is ‘Madre,’ ‘mamma’ for Iceland, or ‘me’ in Vietnamese. Since day one we’ve literally been calling out for our mothers.


First off, a little history of how Mother's Day began: let’s give a standing ovation to the three women who helped create this special event for mothers around the world — Ann R. Jarvis, Julia Howe, and Anna M. Jarvis. They originated Mother's Day as a women's movement to help their fellow Americans.

In the mid-1800s, Ann Jarvis created the “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” to teach other mothers how to clean their homes and sanitize their children. After the Civil War, Ann promoted peace between the Confederate and Union families by creating the “Mother’s Friendship Day.

Julia Howe created the “Mother’s Day Proclamation” to help the mother’s band together, to end the death of mankind, in which they birth into the world. Howe’s Mother’s Day was hosted in Bosten for several decades. It wasn’t declared a U.S national celebration until 1907.

In a way to commemorate her mother’s effort to encourage activism in motherhood, on the second Sunday of May, Julia created a banner to make ‘Mother’s Day’ a national holiday. In 1914, President Wilson finally declared it a national holiday.


“We commemorate the many ways mothers have fought to better the lives of their children, from social welfare to non-violence. We also honor the way mothers have raised and nurtured their children with love and courage." — Catherine Boeckmann and Heidi Stonehill

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As someone who’s been adopted, I used to think a mother was someone who birthed you into this world. For years depression hit, because I convinced myself my own mother’s love dried out.

Through life’s course, it dawned on me that my true mother was standing in front of me the whole time. She taught me to speak English, to swim in our pool, to work diligently and obtain honest work ethics, and to express gratitude.


Even though mother’s day should be every day, this Mother’s day is a beautiful opportunity to remind her how special she is. 2020 has become an eventful year and some of us aren’t able to give our own mothers a warm hug. Others of us haven't had the time (especially with the current circumstances) to go out and shop for the perfect gift for our moms.

So if you're still searching for what to do for your mom this weekend, try one of these last-minute Mother's Day gifts to make at home.

1. "I love mom" personalized book.

This book offers an animated series full of memories you've shared with your mom, as well as messages for her to read. This online purchase can help create characters that resemble you and your mother. Your mother will be able to read both of your stories and be reminded of how uniquely beautiful your relationship is.

2. "Self-care" package.

During her busy schedule, this is a gift to remind her to slow down. A mother takes care of everyone, but this gift can express how much she needs to care for herself first. You can fill up the gift package with essential oils, candles, Epsom salt, tropical fragrant lotion.


3. String and nail art on a wooden board.

String and nail art is becoming a hot trend for any DIY project. You can write "mom" with the 'o' shaped like a heart or write a sweet message. This creative idea will transform any room in her house into an aesthetic appeal.

4. Floral mason jar.

Mason jars have become an aesthetic trend these days. Create a cream-colored chalk painted jar with a sweet message, decorate with wool string, and then had her favorite silk flowers in the mix. These will keep her home looking beautiful, and reminding her that what she is to you.

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5. Fleece photo blanket.

Even though receiving blankets is fantastic already, give her wonderful memories to look back at. You can either put one photo or a whole family tree of photos, to remind her that she’s loved by so many.


6. Mod podge photos onto wood.

It's an easy process that creates a memorable gift. Grab that favorite photo she adores, and frame it in a unique design. Once the photo is heated onto the wood, grab a wood burner to write her name or message on it. This is a gift she'll proudly hang on the shelf or in her office.

7. DIY mom's herb garden set.

Along with three mason jars and a wooden crate, you can give your mother the herbal garden she's been needing. Whether it's rosemary, thyme, or basil, this would be a great addition to her kitchen. Attach a small chalkboard, to give her garden that special name she deserves!

8. DIY flower soap.

Stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby will provide beautiful soap kits to make for your mothers. This will let her know that you care that she feels clean and healthy. This is an easy process that you can use with lavender or rosebuds for a beautiful fragrance.


9. Letters to my mom's book.

A simple message is what we need to remind us that we’re loved. This book shares beautiful memories and quotes for anyone to write for their mothers. Since there is twelve letters, while two of them are blank, she can enjoy each month reading how much she means to you.

10. Cozy Mug Sleeves

If you love DIY projects, then you’ll love this idea! Every morning your mom will think of you, as she drinks anything out of her fashionable mug. This will also help prevents her hands from getting hot, while holding her warm beverage.

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