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Is Kelley Flanagan Pregnant With Peter Weber's Baby? The 'Bachelor' Theory That's Driving Fans Wild

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Is Kelley Flanagan Pregnant With Peter Weber's Baby? The 'Bachelor' Theory That's Driving Fans Wild

There was no doubt that Peter Weber's season of the Bachelor was definitely a turbulent one with the fans consistently trying to figure out who Peter Weber would end up with.

But what if it turned out to be neither of the final two women he had chosen, but instead, someone who was eliminated from the show a long time ago? 

A fan theory started to surface that Weber was actually dating Kelley Flanagan, a contestant he sent home earlier in his season, and not only that — they also thought the potential couple could be expecting a baby. 

Now, Weber has finally confirmed that the dating rumors are false and he is not currently in a relationship with Flanagan. 

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But is Kelley Flanagan pregnant with Peter Weber's baby, or is this just another rumor?

Here are all the details.

Flanagan and Weber have a history, and she managed to be a fan favorite. 


A post shared by Kelley Flanagan (@kelleyflanagan) on Feb 5, 2020 at 1:09pm PST

When Flanagan first arrived on night one of The Bachelor, her story was a bit different than the rest of the women. Flanagan had actually met Weber prior to filming at a hotel and they'd hit it off so well that Weber remembered her when she showed up during limo arrivals.

They had almost immediate chemistry, and it seemed like things were going well, until she was eliminated during week seven's episode.

A TikTok theory claimed that they could have ended up together after all. 

A theory that surfaced on TikTok pointed out that, while Weber's parents didn't follow his final two, Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss, on Instagram, they do happen to follow Flanagan, which is definitely interesting.

After all, if Weber did end up choosing Sluss or Prewett in the end, wouldn't whoever he had picked be a little upset his family was following Flanagan and not them? It would certainly have make more sense if it was true that Weber was currently dating her after all. 

Another theory claimed that Flanagan could be pregnant. 

Another TikTok video from a Bachelor fan claimed that it's possible Flanagan was pregnant — and that the pregnancy may have actually happened during their first pre-Bachelor meeting, which is why she wanted to go on the show and get to know him better.

The fan also pointed out that Flanagan had been hiding her stomach in many of her recent Instagram photos, and the fact that the promos for the finale showed that Weber would be told information by Chris Harrison before he made his final pick, making it seem like a major bombshell was about to be dropped. A pregnancy would certainly fit into that category! 

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Flanagan was notoriously missing from Women Tell All. 


A post shared by Kelley Flanagan (@kelleyflanagan) on Feb 24, 2020 at 11:03pm PST

The fan on TikTok also pointed out the fact that Flanagan was missing from the Women Tell All special. Typically, the contestants from the season who made the biggest splash (and even some who didn't) are invited to the special, but Flanagan didn't appear.

Could it have been because she was pregnant or because she was actually Weber's final choice? It had definitely seemed suspicious that ABC wouldn't have wanted her there, despite the fact that she ended up being a fan favorite in a season with otherwise forgettable contestants.

The twist, though, was that Flanagan was in LA during the filming of Women Tell All anyway, hanging out with the women she met on the show. 

But is Flanagan pregnant with Weber's baby for real? Reality Steve isn't convinced.

Being that Steve is known for having all the spoilers and inside intel on the Bachelor franchise, his opinion usually means something, and when it comes to this theory, he's already shot it down

"Peter is not with Kelley. Period. End of story," he wrote in a post he shared. "Now we can use this as a lesson moving forward in future seasons. Just because someone’s family follows a contestant, it means absolutely nothing. Peter’s parents ONLY following Kelley and NO ONE else, and yet, Peter isn’t with Kelley. Lets put that silly social media theory to rest for good now." 

Flanagan and Weber were spotted together after the season ended.

The pair were seen together in March 2020. They were caught hanging out near Lake Michigan in Chicago. People who saw them together claimed that Weber had been pretty "flirty" with Flanagan and even lifted her over his shoulder at one point. 

Weber recently confirmed their real relationship status.

The fans finally have their answer: Weber is not dating Flanagan. He appeared on Nick Viall's podcast, where he opened up about the relationship.

He said, "There's a lot of stuff that people don't know. My relationship with Kelley has been... serendipitous. You go all the way back to the very beginning — us running into each other before any of this stuff started. Obviously, the show happened and it didn't work out for us.

Over the Super Bowl, I was in Miami and I had the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl with my brother, and I ran into her on the Saturday night before the Super Bowl. Within our relationship on the show, it didn't really play out in the best way for us. It just wasn't gonna work on the show.

Fast-forward [to] now, a couple weeks ago, I'm out with Dylan [Barbour] and Devin [Harris] and I was texting Kristian [Haggerty], asking her if she wanted to come out with us. She's comes out with us, she's with Kelley. Me not knowing this. They show up, I see Kelley again... jaw drops. We chat, we end up hanging out and that's when I got her number. We started to communicate and just stay in touch."

They've also been in quarantine together,

Weber also revealed that they've been quarantining together.

He told Viall, "She's always been supportive of me. Long story short, I wasn't working so I thought I'd go out there [to Chicago] and spend some time with her, take her mind off some [family] things. This was right when everything was starting to hit with the quarantine stuff... and it kind of just became a thing where we've always gotten along really well, and had really good chemistry. We just enjoy each other's company. I just decided to quarantine up here with Dustin as well."

He also said that they aren't dating ... at least, not yet.

He revealed, "Are we dating? No. Do I love spending time with her? Absolutely. We're not dating. Could I see that in the future? Yeah, of course. I'd be extremely lucky and very happy if that happened. Of anyone, I'm the last person that needs to rush into any kind of relationship. I just had an engagement that didn't work out. I just was trying to pursue things with another woman that didn't work out. That's why right now, I'm just taking it really, really slow."

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