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10 Stylish Face Masks To Buy That Donate To Coronavirus Relief

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10 Stylish Face Masks To Buy That Donate To Coronavirus Relief

Right now, there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight for the coronavirus pandemic.

As politicians debate exit strategies, it becomes more and more clear that returning to “normal” looks a lot different than we might have imagined. When we do begin to relax our social-distancing regulations, protective equipment might be the best way to continue to protect ourselves and others until a vaccine is in place. 

But in the meantime, many are wondering not only where to buy face masks, but how to donate to coronavirus relief.

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There are plenty of ways to make face masks on your own, either for yourself or essential workers. And despite the contradictory information about whether or not to wear masks, you’re not alone if you're still confused.

Most pharmacies have been out of their stock of medical masks since early March, and all official information seemed to point to leaving this equipment for healthcare workers who need them most. Some doctors have also suggested that the misuse of masks means they are not providing workers and citizens with the level of protection we might think.

Reusing masks without cleaning them or wearing ill-fitting masks are just some of the reasons why we were being advised to ditch the masks and just be extra cautious when going outside. 

However, the Center for Disease Control changed their tune last week by recommending that everyone should wear a face mask to stop the virus from spreading.

“The virus can spread between people interacting in close proximity — for example, speaking, coughing, or sneezing — even if those people are not exhibiting symptoms,” the CDC explained on its website. “In light of this new evidence, CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.”

This means that, going forward, masks will be a necessary part of public life. Los Angeles is already implementing policies to make covering your nose and mouth mandatory for anyone working in or going to an essential business. 

Where can you buy face masks where proceeds benefit coronavirus relief?

The issue of supply still remains. Chasing down a medical mask is as impossible as it is unethical, since frontline workers still need them more than we do. Making some at home is easy, sustainable, and makes for a fun quarantine activity.

But if DIY isn’t your thing, many brands are branching into mask-making to keep up with recent demands. And some are even making charitable donations with each purchase. Choosing a brand that is giving back to the relief efforts means you’re making a positive contribution while also protecting yourself. 

Here are some great brands for non-medical protective masks that are giving back to frontline workers. 

1. Rory Rockmore Electric Face Mask

These stylish neon masks are a fun take on protective gear. The brand is donating 100 percent of the proceeds from purchasing one of these to Beauty 2 The Streetz, a group that provides food and essentials to homeless people in Los Angeles. Homeless people are more vulnerable than ever now and need all the support they can get.

(Rory Rockmore, $35)

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2. IFGFit Washable Filter Masks

This mask is simple in its design and easy to wash and reuse. Every time someone buys a mask, IFG Fit is donating one mask to essential workers in need.

People on the frontline of the pandemic are struggling to protect themselves while they try to protect us. This brand is correcting that, one mask at a time. 

(IFGFit, $18)

3. Dim Mak Quarantine Mask

Dim Mak collaborated with DJ Steve Aoki to design this mask that features UV protection and water droplet impermeability. The proceeds go to the World Health Organization, which has been responsible for providing key research into the coronavirus since the beginning of the crisis. 

(Dim Mak Collection, $9)

4. Alice + Olivia Staceface Protective Face Mask

These fitted face masks feature a fun pattern and elasticated ties for easy use. Alice + Olivia is donating one mask to communities in need with every purchase, meaning these masks will go directly to those who don’t have the means to purchase one themselves.

(Alice and Olivia, $10)

5. Charlie Hustle KC Heart Face Masks (3-Pack) 

This Kansas City brand halted its regular production due to the pandemic and turned its attention to how they could give back.

These reusable masks, emblazoned with a read heart, are easy to disinfect. The brand has pledged to give a mask to frontline healthcare workers with each purchase.

(Charlie Hustle, $25)

6. Kenny Flowers Non-Medical Lifestyle Masks (3-Pack)

These masks come in a trio of tropical prints so you can match them to different outfits or give one to someone in your household.

Each purchase accounts for a mask donation to people in need in Bali. The rest of the proceeds go to providing medical standard masks for healthcare workers. 

(Kenny Flowers, $24)

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7. For Days Fabric Face Mask (5-Pack)

These minimal black masks are zero-waste and eco-friendly, and made from 100 percent organic cotton. Buying a pack of 5 means 5 additional masks will be given to essential workers who do not have access to protective equipment. 

(For Days, $25)

8. Buck Mason Anti-Microbial Prevention Face Mask (5-Pack)

Buck Mason has been public about its goal to donate one million non-medical masks to people in low-income households across the country. They are another brand following a one bought = one donated cycle. 

(Buck Mason, preorder for $20)

9. Birdwell Birdie Reversible Mask

Just as we should all be prepping for beach season, this swimwear brand is contributing to coronavirus prevention with these masks.

Each purchase means Birdwell will donate a mask to CORE, a non-profit founded by Sean Penn, which provides free coronavirus testing to individuals in the high-risk category in Los Angeles.

(Birdwell, $19.95)

10. KES Sustainable Washable Face Mask

These face masks come in a variety of colors with your choice of cotton or silk charmeuse. They feature an interior pocket so you can insert a filter if you wish.

This brand is also doing a 1+1 donation, providing a similar mask to healthcare professionals who are struggling to get access to masks. 

(KES NYC, $12)

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