Best Colors For The Leo Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

Roar even louder with these power colors!

Best Colors For The Leo Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology getty

Color is powerful and so you want to wear a shade that makes you feel the best, especially if you're a Leo zodiac sign.

For someone as into fashion, looking their best, and standing out in a crowd, such as a Leo zodiac sign, color plays an important role for you.

In fact, a person’s personality plays a large role in their zodiac predictions. One concept that has been scientifically proven to affect our mood is color.


Certain personality traits can be linked with the effects that colors have on us.

What color is best for Leo, according to astrology?

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and it rules the fifth astrology house of children, romance, and play.

So, one color that could be best for Leo could be yellow, but that's not the only hue that fits with this zodiac sign.

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There are other powerful colors that fit best for Leo because of how these things affect a person's mood.

For example, red is the feeling of passion and adventure so surrounding yourself with red can influence the aspects of your personality that make you feel that way.

This concept comes from concepts relating to color therapy.

For example, the explanation as to why we associate red with passion and adventure is because red is a color that gets our attention.

Why are babies’ rooms always pale pink, blue, or yellow?

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This is because we want the baby's mood to be influenced in a way that helps them developmentally (building curiosity, etc).


This is because we associated the color with things that are thrilling or attention-grabbing (fire, roses, blood, etc).

Our minds can link colors to certain feelings and ideas which can affect our mood.

Think of it as a mental shortcut for your brain.

The wild spirit but warm heart of the Leo sign is associated with many colors.

Their diverse personalities traits are more likely to come out when they surround themselves with these colors.

Here are the best colors for Leo zodiac signs, per astrology:


Gold is the color of a precious rock we associate with luxury and class.

It is very expressive and rare due to its magnificent luster. This is equivalent to the powerful and majestic side of Leos.


This sign has a way of being down to earth but also very classy due to their integrity.

The luster represents their rarity and the way they stand out from others.

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Pink is the color of nurture, love, and sensitivity.

Alongside Leo's powerful attitude, there is a side of love and compassion for others.

We associate the color pink with being motherly and feminine which is synonymous with being a nurturer.

This sign is always there when others are down and are able to be strong for people that can’t be.

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These two colors are very closely related and they are synonymous with bright rays of the sun.

These colors represent the plants of the sun for the Leos sign which can make them feel fulfilled and energized.

Leos are not just goo-getters, they also make big impacts on the people around them.

Colors that evoke this mood are called “friendly colors”.

Wearing these colors or invoking them in your lifestyle can complement your personality when talking to others because the colors give them certain cues about your personality.

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