'90 Day Fiancé': Is Azan Married To His Cousin With Three Secret Kids?

Azan and Nicole are quarantining together in Morocco. But he is married to someone else?

'90 Day Fiancé': Is Azan Married To His Cousin With Three Secret Kids? Instagram

Since 2016, fans of 90 Day Fiance have watched Floridian Nicole Nafziger not actually marry her Moroccan fiancé Azan Tefou. The couple met on a dating app and fell in love despite the distance. Nafziger, who is the single mom to a young daughter, May, has made a number of trips to visit her long-distance love and she has given him a lot of money over the years. They have tried to get approval for a K-1 visa so Tefou could move to the United States and start their life together but that application was denied.


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In the aftermath of that disappointment, the pair started to plan a wedding in Morocco with the idea that they would apply for a spousal visa or Nafziger might just move overseas. But they ended up calling off the wedding at the last minute, saying it wasn't the right time to get married. Nafziger returned to America and they haven't been able to spend any time in person together since 2018, until she made a trip to the northern African nation in March 2020 — where they both currently are right now amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


But new rumors have popped up that the reason they didn't get married are actually due to Tefou's family, specifically the rumored wife and three kids that he has been keeping a sectret from TLC cameras.

Is 90 Day Fiancé's Azan married to his cousin with three secret kids?

 Read on for all the latest gossip on this pair. 

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefoiu have been together since at least 2016.

This couple first appeared on seasons four of 90 Day Fiance. they had been dating long distance and Nafizer was ready to meet in person. A single mom, Nafziger was planning to leave her then-two-year-old daughter with her own mom and dad to travel to Morocco for five weeks. During the trip, the couple got engaged and began applying to the K-1 visa. In subsequent seasons, Nafziger returned for other visits, bringing her daughter with her to meet Tefou



A post shared by AzanTefou (@justazan) on Jun 20, 2018 at 2:26am PDT

Tefou with Nafziger's daughter May.

Both Nafziger and Tefou have cheated in the past.

This couple has always had a volatile relationship. In their first season, they had a big discussion about a time that Nicole cheated on Tefou during the early phases of their relationship, before they had met in person. During a confessional, Tefou was shocked and angry to find out Nafziger spent time with male co-workers without telling him. 


In another dramatic moment, cameras caught Nicole when she first heard recordings someone had made of Tefou having a sexually-explicit conversation with another woman. He later claimed it was just something he and his friends did for laughs. 

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Internet rumors suggest he had a string of international girlfriends.

After being denied a K1 visa, Tefou told TLC producers that he thought his history of dating women from other countries was an issue. He admitted to traveling to Belarus for a woman in the past. “I used to date this girl from Belarus and I went there before I knew Nicole. I think that the guy from [the] Embassy like, he keep asking about my trip to Belarus because he didn’t believe the relationship between me and Nicole," Tefou said on the show. "He thought if I’m just, like, trying to leave Morocco and go to Belarus and do the same thing like — just to leave Morocco and go to America.”


In a now-deleted video from 2018, an anonymous woman claiming to have dated Tefou said he had girlfriends in Spain and Korea at the same time as he was dating Nafziger and he never planned to marry her at all. 

Is Azan Tefou actually married?

Now an anonymous source claiming to know Tefou personally tells reporters he is actually married and has three children. This isn't necessarily an obstacle for getting married to Nafiger, however. Legally, men in Moroccan can have multiple wives. However, there are legal restrictions on doing so. The major requirement a man must face before taking a second wife is to prove that he can support her financially.

As fans of the show know Tefou hasn't been working regularly since he met Nafziger and she has been sending him money to support him and his family the whole time they have been together. At times he told producers he couldn't work because Nafiger preferred him to be available so she could call him whenever she wanted. Other times he said he couldn't get work. Another time Nafiger gave him $6,000 to start a business, which never materialized


Whatever the case, Tefou is likely not able to prove that he could support a second family if that is what he hoped to do with Nafziger.

Tefou might have been trying to pay off his wife.

But Tefou may not have been in the market for a second wife at all. The insider claims he's been married since he was a teen and isn't happy about it. He wants to divorce his wife and Nafiziger was trying to help. The money she gave him to start a business was actually a payment intended to sweeten the divorce deal for his wife. A man can't take a second wife without the consent of his first wife so he would either need that or a divorce to get married. Without either of those, he and Nafziger could be stuck in relationship-limbo. 

They're quarantining together in Morocco right now. 


Tefou and Mafizger still aren't married but they are in the same place for the moment. Nafziger went to Morocco for what was supposed to be s short visit but was unable to return to the US due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions. She has been in Morocco with Tefou for at least a month, according to her social media posts

Fans and even some co-stars have been critical of her choice to travel overseas just as the pandemic was heating up. She left in early March and didn't take her daughter with her so she is not indefinitely separated from May, who is now six years old. One commenter on Instagram said, "What about May? How can you go off on vacation during a worldwide pandemic, be separated from your child for potentially months, and still have that smug grin on your face?"



A post shared by Nicole Nafziger (@alwayssnicole) on Mar 11, 2020 at 8:54am PDT


Nicole Nafizger is in Morocco with fiancé Azan Tefou.

Fellow 90 Day star David Toborowsy was commented on Nafziger's travel and her relationship in a recent interview. "I don’t know what [Tefou's] story really is. I mean, I’ve heard rumors that he might be married with three kids with his cousin,” he said. 

"Why she would plan to go there in the middle of a pandemic and it was hitting at the apex worldwide, especially in Europe?” Toborowsy continued. “I think Nicole is barking up the wrong tree. Maybe she’ll find somebody else while she’s there and find true love. That is not true love.”

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