30 Best Mood-Booster Spotify Playlists

Music helps you feel less alone.

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Music is the medicine we all need every single day of our lives. It is the one thing that remains constant in a world full of shifting perceptions and ideals.

One thing that I have always relied on is music. No matter how I am feeling or what I am going through, I can easily express myself through music I am listening to.

Some people have found music to be their own personal form of therapy. Others simply love turning up the volume to get in a good cleaning session— and the occasional two-step in between.


Point is, music is all around us. Every morning, we hear the birds chirping right outside of our windows. We hear the wind howling through the trees. That, my friends, is a pure form of music.

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Many of our favorite artists are taking to Instagram live and giving us at home concerts with many guest appearances! From Swae Lee to Jojo, artists from all genres are joining together to keeping the peace and music alive. There is only such much meditating and painting one person can do in a week.

But music? That is the ultimate escape from reality that never grows old! I mean, who do you know that has ever denied jamming on a long drive? From the melodies and harmonies to the crazy synths and rhythm & blues, no one can say music has not influenced their lives in at least one way.

There is music all around us, not just on our phones and stereos. The wind rustling through the trees, the birds chirping every morning, the thunder that rumbles when there is a storm brewing. We find peace in knowing that there is sound everywhere.

Even in the womb, we are exposed to our first sounds from our parents and sometimes the music they listen to. Maybe that's why I'm such a huge fan of Bon Jovi? Thanks, mom! During moments like this, it is important to find happiness and peace in your life. What better way to search for some feel-good music?


There are hundreds, if not thousands of playlists on almost every music streaming platform. I personally love creating public playlists for all of my followers to enjoy the music I listen to! Not only is it fun, but making a playlist is a form of self-expression. The songs I choose to include in each playlist are selected because of how I was feeling at that exact moment.

Quarantine sounds awful without a little bit of music and dancing! That is why I have found 30 mood-booser playlists to get you out of that social distancing funk. Take a look at our collection of the best mood-booster Spotify playlists to help you feel better when you're at home in quarantine.

1. Mood Booster

This mood-boosting playlist has upbeat hits from artists like Khalid, The Chainsmokers, and Harry Styles!

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2. Feel Good

This feel-good list will boost those happy levels with songs by John Legend, Rich The Kid, and XCII.

3. All About The Serotonin!

Artists such as Natasha Elise, Peabo J., and Jasmine Ortiz will be sure to boost those serotonin levels.

4. Mood-Boosting — Pop

These pop songs by Rita Ora, Jason Derulo, and Olivia Holt will make you smile.


5. Mental Well-Being

Ease your mind with Lana Del Ray, Tom Petty, and Halsey.

6. Get Up On Your Feet!

This mood-booster playlist is bound to get you up and dancing with tracks from Dua Lipa, Avicii, The Chainsmokers and Lizzo.


7. Happy Playlist

Jason Mraz, Train, and Shawn Mendes. Need I say more?

8. Chill Instrumentals

Need background music? These songs by Flughand, Beeno, and Osoku will do the trick.


9. Wake Up With Jazz

The Jazz Morning Playlist has all the tunes to wake up to in the most peaceful way possible.

10. Coffee Shop Jams

Sip a cup of joe while listening to Rex Orange County, The Lumineers, and Dominic Fike.


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11. Playlist Vibe

Relax and unwind to Dijon, Bakar, and Healy.

12. Jazz Brunch Cafe

Start your morning off right with these soothing tunes by the Jazz Morning Playlist.


13. Study Music

Get some work done with Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and Rihanna.

14. Workout Playlist

Get pumped up to the songs of Zayn, The Weeknd, and Drake.


15. Feels Playlist

Get in your feelings with Lewis Capaldi, XXXtentacion and Alessia Cara.

16. Playlist To Scream To (my personal favorite)

Ozuna, Maluma and Daddy Yankee? Sign us up!


17. Sleep/Lofi/Chill Playlist

These songs by Kota, Bcalm, and Idealism will ease your mind.

18. Girl Power + Confidence Playlist

Boost your confidence with hits by Lauren Hill, TLC, and Spice Girls.


19. Dinner With Friends Playlist (via Facetime!)

Call up your friends and play these songs by Anderson .Paak, Bon Iver, and Snoh Aalegra.

20. 2009-2012 Playlist

These oldies (but goodies) by Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, and Katy Perry will have you groovin'.


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21. Yo Me Quedo En Casa (I Stay At Home) Playlist

Stay home and jam out to hits by Cami, Nek, and Coti.

22. Upbeat Christian Music Playlist

Praise and worship to songs by MercyMe, Jamie Grace, and TobyMac.


23. Karaoke Playlist

The neighbors will thank you for singing these songs featuring Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Kanye West.

24. Office/Work Playlist

Working from home couldn't be easier with hits by Adele, Ellie Goulding, and Michael Jackson.


25. Stretching/Workout Playlist

Jump into these soothing songs by Lorde, Shawn Mendes, and Imagine Dragons before a workout.

26. Clean Pop Playlist

Family-friendly hits by Maroon 5, Mariah Hill, and Charlie Puth.


27. Vacation Playlist

Think about the vacation you'll be taking next year with the help of Beyoncé, Earth, Wind & Fire, and The Beach Boys

28. Trippy Playlist

Get trippy with Kid Cudi, Bob Marley, and Foster The People.


29. KPop Chill Playlist

All your KPop favorites by LEE HI, BTS, and JONGHYUN

30. The Writer's Playlist

Jot down your thoughts to these songs by Phish, The Strokes, and Death Cab for Cutie.


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