'NYC Prep': Where Are They Now? The 2009 Bravo Series Is Back!

The 2009 Bravo series is back for a marathon binge session this week.

'NYC Prep': Where Are They Now? The 2009 Bravo Series Is Back! Instagram

If you don't remember the Bravo series NYC Prep, don't worry. It was a quick but potent cultural phenomenon that only ran for one season in 2009. The series was nine episodes long and followed a group do super-rich New York City kids in an attempt to create a real-life Gossip Girl show. The reality show garnered a small but fervent fan base but it wasn't popular enough for it to get picked up for any follow-up seasons. 


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Now, 11 years later and during a moment in history when we're all looking for distractions from coronavirus isolation, Bravo is going to run the entire series as a marathon. The show promises to be a time-capsule look back at the year after Obama was first elected and long before anyone used the phrase COVID-19. 


The cast has all grown up since the show first aired. Where are the kids from NYC Prep now?

NYC Prep: Where are they now?

Where is Camille Isobel Hughes?

Camille Isobel Hughes is a student at the Professional Children's School. In later interviews, she said she looked at the show as just another extra-curricular activity that year but found it to be rather overwhelming. She ended up leaving New York for college and went to the College of William and Mary in Virginia, where she studied neuroscience. These days, she works as a Senior Manager Brand & Product Development for the cosmetics company Arbonne. She lives in California. Her Instagram page shows her enjoying travel and fancy dinners and even recognized the ten-year anniversary of her reality debut



A post shared by Camille Isobel Hughes (@cisobelh) on Jan 13, 2019 at 9:46pm PST

Hughes then and now. 


Where is Jessie Leavitt?

Jessica Leavitt went to the Dwight School on the Upper West Side of New York City for high school and knew she wanted to go into fashion even as the series was filming. She followed that dream to the Fashion Institute of Technology and is now a visual merchandiser for a luxury brand in New York City. This summer, she got married to hedge fund manager Jason Brown and the couple lives in New York City. She keeps her social media private these days



A post shared by Noah Leavitt (@rabbileavitt) on Jul 1, 2019 at 7:02am PDT


Jessie Leavitt at her 2019 wedding.

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Where is Kelli Brooke Tomashoff?

Kelli Brooke Tomashoff was a student at the Birch Wathen Lenox School on the Upper East Side. She and her brother lived by themselves in a Manhattan apartment while her parents lived full-time in the Hamptons. After high school, she attended the New School in New York City and attempted to make a career in music. She did some festivals in the years after the show but never really took off. She has fallen off the media radar since about 2011. 

Tomashoff in 2013.


Where is Sebastian Oppenheim?

Sebastian Oppenheim went to Ross School, a private school in East Hampton, New York outside of New York City proper. His dad Jeff Oppenheim is a major player in New York theatre circles. He headed to College of Charleston in South Carolina and studied international relations. He actually returned to Bravo as an intern, working on Watch What Happens Live. According to his Instagram page, he is now a real estate agent in New York and married self-described news personality Schyler Bouchard in 2019. 



A post shared by sebastianoppenheim (@sebastianoppenheim) on Sep 12, 2019 at 5:12pm PDT

Oppenheim got married in 2019. 


Where is Taylor DiGiovanni?

Taylor DiGiovanni was a student who attended Stuyvesant High School, a prestigious public high school New York at the time of filming. She eventually transferred to City-As-School, which focuses more on experiential learning and internship programs. She made an impression as a shallow status seeker on the show, saying things like "I’m having a party because it’s important to be perceived to have, like, status and money. Because, you know, it changes how people think about you and how they talk to you.” She was only 15 at the time of filming and it seems the experience soured her to media exposure because she has stayed away from all kinds of media, including social media, since then. She did create a Twitter account acknowledging her reality show status in 2012, but she has never tweeted. 

Where is Peter Cary "PC" Peterson?

He attended the Dwight School on the Upper West Side alongside Jessie Leavitt and went on to enroll at Rollins College after graduation. He's a photographer now and he did have a rather interesting wedding. He and longtime friend  Quentin Esme Brown had an impromptu Vegas wedding in 2018 (Tiffany Trump was a guest). For people who knew the couple, this was a surprise since they had never officially dated. But in a now-private Instagram post, Peterson explained, “I’d like to set the record straight. Esme and I got married in Las Vegas this weekend. For over ten years we have been discussing this. This was a sober decision that we planned over the weekend. Many of you know that Esme and I have been best friends since we were kids. Was this spur of the moment? Yes. But we have talked about this for ten years.” 


They talked about it but that doesn't make it conventional marriage. In a now-expired Instagram story, Brown explained that they aren't married in a traditional sense. "Peter and I are not romantically involved - in fact we are still dating others and will continue to seek love in all forms - we are just each other's hearts and wish to begin our journey towards evolution, because the more we face reality, the more we can see that there is no right or wrong," she wrote.



A post shared by Quentin Esme Eilers Brown (@quentinesmebrown) on May 29, 2019 at 5:58am PDT

PC Peterson and his wife. 


The marathon of the throwback show NYC Prep will run on April 10 on Bravo. 

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