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Meet Danica Dow — Newest 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast Member Who's Already Bringing The Drama

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Who Is Danica Dow? New Details On The Newest Cast Member Of 'Vanderpump Rules' Who's Already Bringing Major Drama

This week, a new season of Vanderpump Rules premiered, but apparently, all the real drama happened off-screen. Fans who tuned into the season premiere already know that Danica Dow has joined the cast, but it sounds like she made an even bigger splash at the premiere party for the show.

But before we get too deep into the drama, who is Danica Dow in the first place? Here's everything Vanderpump Rules fans need to know about the reality show's newest cast member.

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1. Who is Danica Dow? She's the youngest assistant manager SUR has ever had.

Dow's Bravo bio states that she's definitely making a splash at SUR this season — and it sounds like she has the potential to rock everyone's world with her drama.

"Danica Dow finds it difficult to separate her personal life from her work life — especially since she works with all of her friends and ex-boyfriend," says her bio. "She’s also the only woman who sees past the charms of Max Boyens, TomTom’s general manager and resident playboy. When Max starts dating Dayna Kathan, Danica divulges information from his past that threatens his new relationship and puts Lisa’s two managers at odds."

2. She's all about the party life.


A post shared by Danica Dow (@danicadowww) on Dec 7, 2019 at 6:11pm PST

A quick look at Dow's Instagram makes it pretty clear she's into partying, but knowing the SUR crowd, that's not surprising at all. It seems like no matter what Dow's doing, she's there to have a good time, whether she's hanging out by the pool with her friends or sharing photos of her travels around the world, like she did when she visited Paris last year.

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3. Dow is in a serious relationship. 


A post shared by Danica Dow (@danicadowww) on Oct 4, 2019 at 9:01pm PDT

If the couple-y photos Dow constantly posts on Instagram are to be believed, she's currently dating a man named Brett Willis. According to his Instagram account, Willis is a model from Denver who also happens to be a rugby player.

Oh, and Willis also happens to work at SUR and can be seen on the show this season, so it looks like their relationship may end up being part of the show, too. 

4. She had a run-in with police at the Vanderpump Rules premiere party.

During a premiere party for Vanderpump this season that was held at Rocco's in West Hollywood on Monday, police were called to the scene after Dow got into a physical altercation with another woman.

“They were out there talking to Danica for over an hour and finally let her go,” a witness at the party said. “She wasn’t arrested in the end.”

It sounds like ultimately, the woman Dow was fighting with opted not to press changes, but we can only hope the Bravo cameras were rolling.

5. She's already made an enemy out of Stassi Schroeder. 

It seems that Vanderpump star Schroeder isn't a huge fan of Dow. In fact, in an interview, she called Dow "extra." “Every time I was around her, she was yelling at someone, raising her voice, and I’m like, this girl needs to sit down and take a breath," Schroeder said.

Well, that doesn't bode well for the rest of this season! 

6. She and Scheana Marie seem to be getting along... so far. 

Although Dow and Schroeder aren't best friends, she does have one ally at SUR: Scheana Marie. In fact, Dow and Marie have been seen out and about together, including a football game to celebrate Willis' birthday. 

It's good to hear that Dow has at least a couple of pals at SUR... and we're definitely interested to see how things play out this season. 

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