Who Is Larry David's Girlfriend? Everything To Know About Ashley Underwood

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Who Is Larry David's Girlfriend? Everything To Know About Ashley Underwood
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Larry David took the time to make a PSA telling folks to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic. The veteran actor and comedian, who just dropped the 10th season of his iconic Curb Your Enthusiasm, is telling people to take advantage of the opportunity to stay home and watch TV.

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Social distancing regulations seem like a dream come true for curmudgeonly David. Cheryl Hines, who plays his TV ex-wife quipped “I bet Larry’s in heaven. He’s been trying to social-distance for years.”

But what you can't tell from the video, is that David isn't in total isolation. He's actually home with his 25-year-old daughter Cazzie David and his girlfriend Ashely Underwood. He and Underwood have been living together for a couple of years now and they're navigating the quarantine just like any other couple. 

Who is Larry David's girlfriend, Ashley Underwood?

From early on, Larry David felt like having a girlfriend was important.

David talks about his early years inc comedy, before Seinfeld, as a miserable point in his life. He was both broke and lonely, which isn't a great combination. "...I knew that you need two things," he said in a recent interview. "You need money and you need a girlfriend. With no money, there's no girlfriend. Of course, I hated myself deeply, but that's because I didn't have the money and the girlfriend. If I had the money and the girlfriend, I knew I would hate myself a little less.”

He eventually married Laurie David, two children together during their 14-year marriage. They divorced in 2007. Nowadays, David is seeing Ashely Underwood. They've been together for several years and share an LA home, along with a cat named Elwood and a dog named Bernie (yes, after Bernie Sanders, whom David portrays on SNL). 

Isla Fisher set the couple up.

Underwood has a friendship with actress Isla Fisher and Fisher's husband Sacha Baron Cohen. Both Underwood and David attended Cohen's birthday party in 2017, which is where they first met. David thinks that Fisher and Cohen were actually trying to set the two of them up and made sure they were seated at the same table for dinner.

David recalls feeling like he was making a great impression and decided to leave before he could foul things up. “Much to her surprise I left before dessert," David recalls. "I was doing so well banter-wise, I didn’t want to risk staying too long and blowing the good impression.”

Underwood (in red) with friend Isla Fisher.


Both couples work together now.

Since 2017, the David-Underwood-Fisher-Cohen creative universe has collided. Fisher played a hilarious part on Curb Your Enthusiasm as a professional crier who conned David out of a mink stole. Underwood is named as a producer on Cohen's project Who Is America

She's doing little things that bug him.

Like all quarantined couples, Underwood and David are spending far more time together than they normally would. Being trapped inside can lead to friction over the smallest things. David says the two of them are grousing at each other over doing the dishes and other household chores. “Another issue is the business of one of us starting a show and not waiting for the other," David says about Underwood. "Huge problem! You at least have to ask. Ashley does not ask. She starts and then it’s impossible to catch up. And I’ll catch her. I’ll walk into the room, and she’ll instantly click off the TV.”

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Actually, they don't fight much.

As much as he jokes about starting fights over the littlest things — that's the hallmark of his Curb Your Enthusiasm self-named character — his daughter Cazzie says in real life he isn't like that with anyone, much less with Ashley. “I guess this is kind of ironic, considering his character on TV, but he can’t stand having any animosity with anyone,” Cazzie said to a reporter. "It just pains him. I remember when my sister and I were growing up, we would whisper-fight because if he heard us fighting, he would just get so upset, like it was the end of the world that two people were angry with each other. And it was just kind of a crime to stress him out because he’s really just so gentle and nice, so we always avoid upsetting him at all costs.”

Underwood likes the perks of David's persona.

While being with someone who makes a living acting annoyed with other people might be tiring, Underwood says it also has its perks. They never have to stay too long at events and no one gets upset because it's on-brand for the lovable grouch. “We get a social pass,” Underwood told reporters. “We'll be at a dinner party, and Larry will take his last bit of food and just stand up for us to go. I just shrug. He gets the laugh, and I get to ride his coattails.”

For now, the couple is staying isolated at home in LA, just like everyone is supposed to these days. 

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