5 New Details About Pete Davidson's Ex Cazzie David, Including Why They Broke Up

Plus, her savage response to Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's new relationship.

Who Is Cazzie David? 5 Details About Larry David’s Daughter And Pete Davidson’s Ex instagram

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson surprised everyone when they started dating in May 2018 (and have already apparently gotten tattoos for each other). We already know about Grande’s rocky past relationship with Mac Miller, but she’s not the only one who left an ex in the wake of her new relationship with SNL actor Davidson.

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Before dating Grande, Davidson was in a long-term relationship with Cazzie David. The two apparently broke up in mid-May of 2018 — mere days before Davidson and Grande sparked dating rumors.

In fact, David’s Instagram still features photos of her and Davidson from as recently as early May, though it appears they no longer follow each other on the social media platform.


So who is Cazzie David, the woman Pete Davidson allegedly left for Ariana Grande?

1. She’s Larry David’s daughter.

Yes, THE Larry David, of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm royalty. The two are so close they even still live together. Cazzie recently wrote an article for InStyle describing their relationship. “I’m living at home as long as I can because I want to spend as much time as possible with my dad before he dies,” she wrote, adding that he’s not sick — she just treasures their time together.

2. She’s a producer and web series creator.

It seems David is following in her father’s footsteps when it comes to her career. At only 24 years old, her resume is pretty impressive.


In 2017, she created a web series called Eighty-Sixed which centered on a young woman trying to get through a breakup (is life imitating art?). The web series even featured Davidson, who David revealed flew from New York to Los Angeles for 24 hours to help David film the series. “I was kind of nervous to have a stranger on set because our crew is so intimate,” David told Complex. I mentioned that more or less to Pete on the phone and the next thing I knew he was flying from NY to LA for 24 hours for this tiny role in my silly web series because he’s the sweetest person alive.”

These days, she’s writing, executive producing, and starring in a comedy series for Amazon called Half-Empty. You know, no big deal...

3. She dated Davidson for two years.


David and Davidson began dating in 2016. At the time, Davidson opened up to People about their relationship, revealing that he loved her “very, very much.” He also called her father “the sweetest man in the world.”

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4. Why did they break up?

In May 2018, Davidson revealed that he and David were no longer together. “Very talented girl, she’ll be great and she’ll be fine,” Davidson told Peter Rosenberg in an interview.

However, it seems their relationship was in trouble long before the actual breakup. In February 2018, Us Magazine reported that Davidson apologized to David for his behavior in a series of cryptic since-deleted social media posts. The comedian allegedly shared a photo of him and David with the caption, “Idk what I did to make you hate me so much but I’m sorry.” At the time, a source told Us, “They weren’t fighting. They were just joking as comedians tend to do.”


The comment was part of a slew of posts revolving around mental health. Davidson has been vocal about his struggle with borderline personality disorder, a mental illness that’s known for making it incredibly difficult to maintain healthy relationships.

5. She had a hilarious response to new of Davidson and Grande dating.

After news of Davidson and Grande’s relationship began circulating, David took to Instagram to respond in a hilariously low-key fashion. She uploaded a photo of her in safari attire with the caption, “Been in Africa, what’d I miss??”


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