7 Easy April Fools’ Day Pranks To Do At Home With Kids

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Easy April Fools’ Day Pranks To Do At Home With Kids
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March 2020 was no laughing matter, and as of today, things are projected to only get far more serious throughout April.

But while some people on Twitter are understandably calling for April Fools' Day to be cancelled in light of the global crisis we're all facing, taking a break from our fear in order to share some funny virtual jokes with friends may just be what the doctor ordered.

Yes, we could all do without fake news stories on April 1st, let alone any other day of the year, but it is possible to pull some funny April Fools' pranks that keep the day's emphasis where it belongs — on finding joy and laughter even when everything in the world feels so wrong.

After all, in addition to social distancing measures, research clearly shows that laughter provides multiple health benefits most of us could use right now, including stimulation and enhanced functioning of critical organs (including the heart, lungs and brain), activation and relief of your stress response (leading to overall relaxation), improved immune system functioning due to the release of neuropeptides which "help fight stress and potentially more-serious illnesses," pain relief, and increased personal satisfaction, and improved mood.

So all joking aside, laughter might really be essential medicine for those of us fortunate enough to be facing the threat of COVID-19 while sheltering in place in the safety and warmth of our own homes.

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Plus, if you have kids at home right now, having a few April Fools' tricks up your sleeve can be a great way to bring a smile to their adorable faces.

Here are 7 easy April Fool's Day pranks and trick both adults and kids can pull from home.

1. Talk in a funny voice or made up language

Do you speak any Pig Latin? Do any ridiculously bad accents? Even gibberish will do.

Start speaking in a different voice or "language" from the moment everyone gets up, and keep it going until you (or they) can no longer stand it

2. Dress backwards

Put all of your clothes on backwards and go about your day's Zoom calls and/or online instruction as though everything were normal (you know, like we're all trying to do anyway).

You could even collaborate with a partner and place bets on how long it will take for someone to notice.

3. Rearrange furniture or decorations around the house

Of course, be sure not to create any safety hazards as you go, but you can certainly create some laughter-Inducing confusion.

And who knows, maybe you'll even like the new layout and decide to keep it for a while.

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4. Create a flash-back lunch for your big kids


I can't be only one with some sippy cups and plastic plates left around the house despite my children's current status as teenagers.

Set up their lunches using their former favorite eating utensils. Groans and eye rolls practically guaranteed!

5. Drop some "spoilers" for your shared favorite TV or Netflix series

Start by "impressing" everyone with the fan theory you just discovered about that Netflix show you're binge-watching together.

They'll be more than relieved to learn you have no idea what really happens.

6. Convince friends and family you've become an Instagram influencer

Share some photos of yourself "promoting" some of your favorite home items on Instagram — perhaps your favorite scrunchie, your least stained sweats, or that security blanket you've been carrying with you from room to room since this all began.

7. Ask someone to read these four words out loud: eye + ship + mice + elf

Try it yourself right now and you'll quickly understand why.


you guys wanted it here you go!more of the same grandma videos on my page ##foryoupage ##comedy ##fyp ##pranks ##grandma

 original sound - not.so.nice.nick

There you have it!

This list may not be lengthy, but these pranks are funny, light-hearted, and will cause no one to get hurt. Win-wins all around!

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