25 Best April Fools' Day Prank Videos To Inspire Your Inner Prankster

Did anyone say April Fools?

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People have been playing jokes on each other since they could talk, and April Fools' Day gives each of us an open forum to get back at them, while having a few laughs at the expense of everyone else.

It's a great way to blow off some steam and bond with someone. Once they get over the initial shock, that is.

Maybe you have pranking revenge to take care of from previous years. Or, perhaps you want to start an all-out prank war and be declared the winner. Either way, let the prank wars begin!


And where can you go for inspiration? By searching for YouTube April Fools, of course.

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Each year, from 2008 to 2016, YouTube had a dedicated YouTube collection for inspiration for April Fools' Day. This all started in 2008 when Rick Astley's music video "Never gonna Give You Up" established the prank we know today as Rickrolling.


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, April Fools' jokes were a huge part of multi-media companies like YouTube, Google, and newspaper satire company, The Onion.

In 2010, YouTube released a "TEXTp" mode, which translated video colors into random uppercase letters in an effort to decrease bandwidth by 1 dollar per second.

In 2015, when you searched a song on the site, YouTube would prompt you by asking "Did you mean Sandstorm by Darude?" and had an "add music" button on every video that would actually play "Sandstorm."

In 2016, YouTube joined forces with Snoop Dogg to launch "Snoopavision," a feature designed to watch videos through the eyes of Snoop Dogg, but it was a bit more advanced than technological abilities at the time, so it didn't work.


Needless to say, YouTube delivered plenty of laughs over the years in addition to its viral video trends, but in 2016, they stopped doing pranks.

However, in 2019, the site added an advertisement for "Aquaman 2" which, when clicked, would play the trailer for "Shazam!".

The best pranks are the ones that no one sees coming. But getting everything right isn't always easy. When pranking your parents, friends, or partner, make your prank unique, and be sure to get serious about selecting the joke you want to play.

Luckily, planning a great April Fools' Day prank is something anyone can get (scarily) good at with just a little research and motivation. 

Get in the spirit with the best YouTube April Fools pranks.

1. Suddenly, a speakerphone is not such a bad idea.

The teacher in this video has a policy that if anyone gets a phone call in class, they have to have it on speakerphone. The students decided to take advantage of that.


2. This guy went to great lengths to pull this off. 

Having your buddy believe that he's in a lot of trouble can make anyone sweat. Especially if he thinks he's about to be arrested. 

3. Now this is the ultimate prank using chocolate.

This guy is the master at edible April Fools'. So, if you need ideas for pranks, food is great to use. Surprise your friends — they will never see it coming. 


4. Even professors are pros at pranks. 

This professor decided to prank his class with an elaborate and unique angle. The use of technology is key and the students couldn't believe it.

5. Marker mustaches are simple but effective.

Sometimes the simplest plans are often the most effective. Watch as one marker creates havoc in one household. 


6. This one takes the awkward award.

A rejected proposal is always awkward. It's even more awkward if you have no idea what's going on and end up in the middle of one. 

7. Jon Snow has great prank game.

Let's just say that what Jon Snow has in his fridge isn't exactly fresh...


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8. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Surprise someone right at the beginning of the day. With a few ingredients, you can have the perfect April Fools' prank breakfast. 

9. As if math wasn't already confusing.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone just walked in and pretended to be your teacher? Well, these students found out first-hand.


10. This teacher means business.

If you've ever been in a class with a strict no cell phone policy, this is the nightmare you were having about it. 

11. The best pranks are the ones about everyday life.

One dad pranked his kids right outside their home without them even knowing it. Was it just like any other school day? Nope.


12. It must be the new curriculum.

Ever taken a spelling test where the words were super-confusing? Try this one.

13. This one required a stunt woman  that's how intense it was. 

This is not one to try on your own since it's professionally done... and professionally hilarious. 


14. Probably the worst Lyft drive ever.

When you're a celebrity, hearing bad news over the radio about yourself might actually happen. And it's really awkward if it happens in the back of a Lyft.

15. This prank gets loud. 

Hold your ears! This is a prank that will make noise, but it's just another person having some fun with their family. 


16. Take a hint from the pros.

If you've ever seen "Impractical Jokers," you know these guys have no shame.

17. It's just a regular airplane flight, right?

This prank is one of the most elaborate, incorporating a newspaper, airport, and news channels. You'll just have to see it to believe it. 


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18. If you want easy but effective, this is it.

If you're in need of last-minute pranks, look no further. This video has a great how-to with easy pranks you can use.

19. OK, now this is genius.

Students cannot get enough of pranking their teachers. This prank had the teacher baffled.


20. Can you prank us, RiRi?

Rihanna pranks like a pro. Plus, she performs while she does it. 

21. Imagine being in lecture when this happens.

This one gets the theatrics award. It's both entertaining and unique, and probably made the class that day well worth it. 


22. Have a roommate you want to prank?

If you're itching to prank your roommate(s), this is the perfect idea.

23. The look of shock is priceless.

Cell phones really do make people go crazy when it seems they are going to be destroyed. Especially if it's a brand new phone. 


24. Pop goes the weasel...

Nothing like a good ol' surprise prank to get the laughter flowing. This prank will make anyone jump.

25. What happens when the prankster gets pranked?

A revenge prank is the best. Watch as the pranker himself gets a taste of his own medicine. 


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