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2 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Least Compatible With Taurus, According To Love & Relationship Astrology

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2 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Least Compatible With Taurus, According To Love & Relationship Astrology

Not everyone gets along with the Taurus zodiac sign, and you don't need love and relationship astrology to tell you that.

We all have people that we aren’t the biggest fan of and there are definitely people who are not our biggest fans.

So, which zodiac signs are the worst love match for Taurus?

For the Taurus sign, the two worst love matches are Leo and Aquarius.

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Shocked? For some people, this is a hard realization to accept. In life, there will be people who don't like other people, and it’s just something that happens in life.

Taurus is a zodiac sign that loves to relax and feel down to earth — but they won't like, love or get along with everyone.

Taurus is a stubborn zodiac sign who likes to be spoiled. Ruled by Venus, they love to live a life of luxury and comfort. A Taurus likes to be independent and they prefer to avoid high-risk spontaneous adventures.

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They like to have everything planned out and organized and figured out. A Taurus is an astrology sign that corresponds with the bull.

They are a tame and peaceful horoscope sign that loves having company and friends to keep near them in their lives. It also helps them to have company.

They rely on the company of those who do not try to sway a Taurus and their decisions, which is why this zodiac sign has difficulty when dating Aquarius and Leo.

Here's why Taurus is incompatible with Leo and Aquarius, per love and relationship astrology.

Taurus and Leo zodiac sign compatibility

Leo is a zodiac sign that is rougher around the edges than Taurus. They like to be spontaneous and have a good time without any preconceived plans.

They are more on the wild side which makes it hard for them to get along with a Taurus horoscope sign. Both signs tend to have a desire for loyalty in the people and friends that they interact with.

They want to have stable and sturdy connections with the people they have relations with.

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However, despite their desire for the same types of relationships, they still have a lot of conflict between the two of them because of their powerful and influential personalities.

Because of their intense personas, they are, therefore, not a great combination of people to have together in a couple of relationships or a friendship.

They both are better at joining forces with many other people. Unfortunately, for a Taurus, that is not an Aquarius either.

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Taurus and Aquarius zodiac sign compatibility

Aquarius is a zodiac sign that doesn’t like to commit to plans and likes to be their own person without having to rely too much on anyone else to survive and make plans.

A Taurus can feel threatened by an Aquarius if a Taurus isn't willing to put themselves first and see themselves for who they truly are.

Aquarius wants a Taurus to show itself off and be creative and let themselves be who they are without any restrictions.

Taurus is not very good at opening up and being themselves.

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If they were to do that, they would become so incredibly much more attractive to an Aquarius, but unfortunately, that isn't the case and these two horoscope signs don't pair well together.

Despite all the zodiac signs not getting along, there are some that do definitely get along and enjoy one another's company.

They all have such bold personalities in their own ways and will either join really well together or have no way of getting along.

Either way, every person will find their person and things will end the way they are supposed to, but Taurus, it's just not going to happen for long with a Leo or an Aquarius.

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