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Who Is Marjorie Guaracho? Meet The Video Vixen DaBaby Just Settled Extortion Case With

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Who Is Marjorie Guaracho? Meet The Video Vixen DaBaby Just Settled Extortion Case With

She had a successful career as a hip hop video vixen. But, a few weeks ago, DaBaby (real name: Jonathan Kirk) filed a lawsuit against her when, he claimed, she tried to extort him. 

Fortunately for all involved, the proverbial dust settled, and DaBaby and the vixen are no longer involved in litigation. 

So, who is Marjorie Guaracho, and did she really try to extort DaBaby? If so, why? 

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Let's take a look at what we know about her, and what happened in this shocking case. 

1. Who is Marjorie Guaracho? She's based in West Palm Beach, FL.

Guaracho is a video vixen who posts a lot of sexy photos of herself on her Instagram page. Based on her Instagram bio, she works in the law office of Bierman and Bierman in West Palm Beach, FL. She also says she's affiliated with the Miami Dolphins in some way, but it's unclear how. Finally, she has a website called Major by Marjorie, but it's unclear what it's for, since it's just a landing page as of this writing. 


A post shared by Marjorie Guaracho | Major (@marjorieeg) on Jan 30, 2020 at 7:49pm PST

2. She starred in DaBaby's music video for "Vibez."

Guaracho had a two-second appearance in the music video for "Vibez" by DaBaby, which you can see above. However, Guaracho alleged that this two-second appearance in his video was an "endorsement of pornography." In response, Guaracho's attorneys sent a cease-and-desist letter to Interscope Records, DaBaby's record label, claiming that her likeness was "stolen" and sought damages in excess of $75,000.

3. But DaBaby fired back. 

When DaBaby found out about Guaracho's claims, he immediately hired a lawyer and, together with South Coast Music Group, filed a lawsuit against the aspiring model. In the suit, he claimed that Guaracho signed away her likeness in the release form, and that she was paid $100 for her brief appearance in the video. DaBaby also alleged that Guaracho was informed of the nature of the video before she signed away the release. 

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4. He also countersued Guaracho. 

In response to the cease-and-desist letter, DaBaby alleged that Guaracho was attempting to extort him with her claims. As a result, he said, he suffered damages as well, and sought unspecified damages against Guaracho. 

5. They settled out of court. 

After a short battle, both parties settled out of court. As part of the settlement, DaBaby will retain the rights to Guaracho's likeness and her appearance in the video will remain. No monetary settlement was disclosed and the judge in the matter has not yet signed off on the settlement as of this writing.

"The essence of the settlement is that the Plaintiffs have full and complete rights with respect to Plaintiff’s image and likeness in connection with the video entitled ‘Vibez,'” the court documents read. “One of the conditions to the settlement is the entry of an order confirming the settlement, acknowledging the Plaintiffs possess all of the Defendant’s rights with respect to the Video.”

6. Was Guaracho "chasing a bag"?

Some comments about the Guaracho case suggested that the model and paralegal was, in fact, trying to get money out of DaBaby for no reason. "He sued her dumba** back — that's what you get for trying to chase a fake bag, b***h," wrote one commenter. "Justice served," wrote another, and "what a clown a** b***h," wrote another.

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