Meet DaBaby's Baby Mama — Juicy Details On MeMe And The Couple's Baby News

The couple is expecting their third child.

Meet DaBaby's Baby Mama — Juicy Details On MeMe And The Couple's Baby News getty

Rapper DaBaby might be getting ready to be DaDaddy once again. In November 2019, the Charlotte native and his sometimes-girlfriend, MeMe, were rumored to be adding another child to their family. They already have one child together, a two-year-old daughter, as well as a son, who's 6, from MeMe's previous relationship. 

The couple's actual relationship status is unknown right now; MeMe recently said that they're both single, but that he's still her boo. Maybe that means that they're ready to be parents together again, but still want to explore their romantic options?


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Who is DaBaby's baby mama? Read on for all the details. 

1. Who is DaBaby?

DaBaby, whose given name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, is a rapper who grew up in North Carolina. He made his musical debut under the name BabyJesus in 2015 when he released his mixtape Nonfiction.


He followed that with his God's Work mixtape series, and the Baby Talk mixtape series, which includes Billion Dollar Baby, and Back on My Baby Jesus Sh*t. His first studio album Baby on Baby came out in 2019 and the single "Suge" topped out at number 7 on the Billboard charts. He released his second album Kirk in September, featuring guest appearances from Kevin Gates, Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, and the Migos.

In 2018, the rapper shot and killed a man he said was trying to rob him in a Walmart. He was later found guilty of the misdemeanor of carrying a concealed weapon and sentenced to a year of probation



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His career is on the rise. 


2. Who is DaBaby's baby mama, MeMe?

MeMe, who is a professional barber and mom to two kids, recently sat down with KissTalk to discuss life with an up and coming musician.

"Me and DaBaby met about five years ago. It was kinda through like mutual friends. I already knew who he was, he knew who I was," she said. "We became officially together when I got pregnant. Our relationship back then was real cool. It was real chill. There wasn’t no pressure on nothing. We were just going along with the flow and enjoying each other’s presence basically."

She also talked about realizing how talented he was and telling him he was going to be famous one day. She has always been supportive of his music and is thrilled that he's getting to work with top people in the industry.

3. Are they still together?

The "real cool, real chill" vibe of their relationship seems to carry on even now. When asked what their current status is, MeMe told Kiss that they're both single while saying, "That's still my boo, though."


If DaBaby wanted to move on, he has offers. In October 2019, former Girls Cruise star Simone B started posting all about her crush on him over on Instagram.

She posted a photo of the rapper and wrote, "He probably fake laughing at some lame hoe jokes… don’t worry king... A real clown is on the way! TF! He prolly wasting his time with a girl that don’t even like kids while I’m over here ready to be a step momma. I been practicing and everything “ahht ahhht sit down! Imma tell yo daddy when he get home “ see I got this I’m ready bae! ughhhh when i meet him should i be like “hey Zaddy” or “hey king” orrrrr should i say “babyyy boooyyy cmere” 

On Halloween, she upped the game by dressing in a wedding gown with a cardboard cutout of her crush, and said she was the Bride of DaBaby. DaBaby responded with laughing emojis, but hasn't made any moves to take her up on her offer.

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4. MeMe says he's a good father to their children.

MeMe has nothing but good things to say about her maybe-boo's skills as a parent. She told KissTalk that he's been a great dad to both of the kids. 

"He is actually an amazing father," she said. "Not only to our daughter but to my son as well. He done been in his life for a very long time. He's an amazing father, I can give him that."

The rapper and his daughter.


5. Are they really adding a new family member?

The Shade Room broke the news that DaBaby and MeMe might be expecting another child together, regardless of relationship status. The website says sources close to the couple can confirm that a bundle of joy is on the way. 

However, not long after the rumors began, DaBaby himself revealed that they weren't true. He went on his Instagram live to let everyone know that the rumors of a new baby were false, explaining, “I don’t entertain cap. You got to find you some reliable sources for your information.”

6. What's next for the rapper?

The recent winner of BET's Hottest New Rapper In Hip Hop award is about to go out on tour for his new album, so since the baby rumors were confirmed to be false, DaBaby won't have to worry about working in doctor appointments around his performance schedule. 

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