DaBaby's Nude Pics Allegedly Leaked Online — How The Rapper Responded

Another day, another leak!

DaBaby's Nude Pics Allegedly Leaked Online — How The Rapper Responded

Are DaBaby's nude pics real? He's one of the hottest rappers in the game today, so it perhaps should come as no surprise that when rumors started swirling of an alleged nude pic leak, fans — and even some celebrities — went wild with the thought that they may be seeing more of DaBaby than they ever thought possible.

But it didn't take long for the North Carolina rapper (real name: Jonathan Kirk) to share his opinions on the alleged leak.


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So, here's what we know about DaBaby's nude pics. 

1. Are DaBaby's nude pics real? The rapper says they're not. 

Unlike A$AP Rocky, who gave a whole dissertation on the state of affairs of his penis, DaBaby ended speculation about his nude pics with one sentence: "Ion send nudes." (I don't send nudes.)


Despite his denial, #DababyMeat was — and still is — a hot trending topic on Twitter. DaBaby responded to all of this brouhaha by posting a photo of himself with his father, so take that for what it's worth. 



A post shared by BABY JESUS (@dababy) on Dec 21, 2019 at 10:08pm PST

2. What did DaBaby's nude pics show?

Let's be clear: these weren't just still photos, this was an actual nude video of DaBaby. And it showed everything — literally, everything.


Though the clip is only a few seconds long, and DaBaby's face isn't shown in the clip, the voice on the clip sounds like DaBaby's. What's more, the voice is rapping some of DaBaby's lyrics. (The very NSFW video first surfaced on Twitter.) 

3. He's the fourth celebrity this week to have nude photos leak. 

DaBaby isn't the only one who has had his nude photos and/or video allegedly leak. In addition to DaBaby's quick clip and A$AP Rocky's sex-capade, basketball star Steph Curry also allegedly had his nude pics leak as well. (A source close to Curry denied that the penis in question belonged to him.) And Logan Paul also allegedly had a sex tape leak as well. 

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4. Could charges be filed? 

California has very strict "revenge porn" laws, so if the DaBaby's nude photos were leaked by an ex-girlfriend looking for revenge, and that girlfriend is based in California, she could be looking at some very serious charges, according to legal experts. That's certainly the case with Curry's alleged nude photo leak, so fans are wondering if the same could happen to the person who leaked DaBaby's nudes.


However, it's unclear whether the culprit in DaBaby's nude leak will face those same charges, especially if the culprit isn't in California and DaBaby is claiming that it isn't him in the video. 

5. The Internet reacted to DaBaby's nudes. 

In a now-deleted tweet, Draya Michele — popular amongst Basketball Wives fans — asked her "good sis" to please send her some of DaBaby's nude photos. And, as the #DaBabyMeat trending topic showed, there were plenty of people who were alternately amazed and amused by DaBaby's nude pics. 

6. The "backtrack" continues. 

The same person who leaked DaBaby's nude pics on Twitter later backtracked and said that the leak was a "fake," and begged Twitter not to suspend him for the trouble. It should be interesting to see what comes next in this latest nude leak drama. 


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