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Who Is DaBaby's Side Chick, Latoia Danet? Rapper's Baby Mama Claims He Cheated; Got Another Woman Pregnant

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Who Is DaBaby's Side Chick, Latoia Danet? Rapper's Baby Mama Claims He Cheated; Got Another Woman Pregnant

Mo'money, mo'problems? 

DaBaby's career is currently on the upswing. The "Suge" rapper is slowly but surely crossing into the mainstream and as a result, his popularity is crossing over from the hip hop world into the pop world. 

And while he seemed to be having a great relationship with his longtime baby mama, MeMe, it turned out that all that glittered wasn't gold when it came to their relationship.

A few days ago, MeMe claimed that DaBaby not only was cheating on her with his longtime side chick, but actually got her pregnant.

So who is DaBaby's side chick, LaToia Danet — and is she pregnant? Let's look at what we know. 

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1. Who is DaBaby's side chick? Her name is LaToia Danet. 

In a photo posted to her Instagram stories — in which she also tagged the popular Instagram page The Shade Room — Danet announced that she was, indeed, expecting a baby with DaBaby. She appeared to be in a car, but she exposed her protruding stomach and cradled her "baby bump" with the caption "guess the cat's out of the bag." You can see a screenshot of the announcement below.

2. DaBaby's first baby mama put her "on blast."

Before Danet made the announcement about her impending child, DaBaby's longtime baby mama MeMe took to her Instagram page to put the rapper "on blast." In a series of stories — in which she posted screenshots from the rapper, himself — she confirmed that not only did DaBaby cheat on her, but that he impregnated Danet. "Don't fall for the cap, another child is on the way and it ain't me. This was your favorite rapper hiding. Money is POWER. Know it, understand it, I've been asking God to show me the people who aren't for me and he did just that," she said. Though the stories were deleted, some screenshots of the stories were captured and reposted online.

3. Danet is a real estate agent and bottle girl. 

Based in North Carolina, which is DaBaby's home state, little is known about Danet outside of her Instagram page. However, she advertises herself as a real estate agent and a bottle girl. She also does interior design and "everything you need." 

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4. Previously, it was believed that MeMe was expecting a child with DaBaby. 

Back in November 2019, rumors began swirling that DaBaby was expecting another child — but at the time, it was believed that the baby mama in question was MeMe. Meme, who is a barber by trade, already had two children with DaBaby (real name: Jonathan Kirk).

5. But DaBaby claimed the rumors weren't true. 

It didn't take long for DaBaby to put the rumors of MeMe's alleged pregnancy to rest. In fact, at the time, he said that not only were the rumors of MeMe being pregnant by him not true, but that he and MeMe weren't even together as a couple. 

6. He did, however, confirm he was expecting a baby with Danet. 

Right after MeMe accused DaBaby of cheating on her with Danet — and subsequently got her pregnant — DaBaby took to his Instagram Live to confirm that he was, indeed, expecting a child with Danet, but that he didn't cheat on MeMe because they weren't together. 

"I would never speak that on personal, I would never allow the internet to look down on a person who births [my child]. When my new-coming blessing was conceived, me and shawty [MeMe] was not together, shawty was not with me, living with me, was not f***ing with me in any way, shape or form. We wasn't together at the time so don't be fooled. The information that y'all was given today was information that has been out there. It was just kept off the Internet as it should have been," he said. 

7. He also accused MeMe of "clout chasing."

DaBaby wasn't done with shading MeMe, of course. After he confirmed that he was, in fact, expecting a baby with Danet, he took to his Instagram stories again to attack MeMe. After complaining that the day was "another eventful day on the Internet," he accused MeMe of "clout chasing," or making up accusations that weren't true in order to get fame off of his name. 

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It doesn't look like this situation will resolve itself anytime soon. However, we do hope that DaBaby, MeMe, and Danet can co-parent peacefully for the sake of the children. 

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