Are Lisa And Usman From '90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days' Still Together?

He's a Nigerian rapper. She is from Pennsylvania.

Are Lisa And Usman From '90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days' Still Together? TLC

The fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days begins on February 23. The premise of this very popular reality series on TLC is that cameras follow Americans as they travel to faraway lands to meet their long-distance love interests, usually for the first time. If the visits go well, the plan is to get engaged and next they can start the process of getting a K1 fiancé visa to bring their significant other to the US to get married.


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One of the couples on the upcoming season is Lisa and Usman. Usman is a 30-year-old musician better known as Soja Boy. He is a rapper and actor in Nigeria. Lisa, a 52-year-old from Pennsylvania saw his profile online and the two hit it off long distance. 


Now Lisa is headed to Nigeria to spend time with her man but she's discovering that his female fans bother her a lot more than she expected. Now she's asking him to change how he interacts with his fans and he's pushing back on her demands.

Are Lisa and Usman from 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days still together? Read on to find out more but be warned. We have major spoilers!

Who is Usman Umar?

Usman Umar is better known as Soja Boy, his stage name. In promos for the show, Lisa refers to him as a celebrity but she may be overstating the case. With just over 3,000 followers, he doesn't even qualify for a blue checkmark on Instagram. But he does appear to be a recording artist who also does charitable work in his community. He has a number of videos of his music posted and his followers seem like big fans of what he does. 



A post shared by  (@officialsojaboy) on Jan 26, 2020 at 10:00am PST

Umar is a performer. 

Who is Lisa Hamme?

Lisa Renee Hamme is from York, Pennsylvania and she's 52 years old. In an early clip of the show that TLC released, she says she a hospice worker and lives with her teenage daughter. She has been divorced for several years after being in a bad marriage. In promos for the show, she says she met Umar online in 2018 and the two have been talking long-distance ever since. This trip to Nigeria is going to be her first time meeting him in person.


Hamme is 52 years old. 

Hamme is traveling with (emotional) baggage.

Hamme says she has had troubled relationships in the past and those experiences have left her worried about men being faithful to her. Umar, like lots of musicians, attracts a fair amount of attention from the opposite sex. Hamme finds the flirting from his fans to be problematic and she says straight-up that she has trouble dealing with his female fans. In one clip, she demands that he tell women around him at a club to back off. "Get rid of these f**king two-bit wh**es, get it straight,” she yells. Umar cooly replies, "But I am not your husband yet."


Haven't we seen an older American woman with jealousy issued traveling to Nigeria for a young man before?

Yes, we have! Angela Deem, the 53-year-old grandmother from Georgia has been traveling back and forth from Nigeria with a camera crew in tow for two years, now. She and her 32-year-old boyfriend Michael also met online and carried on a long-distance relationship for several years. She has made multiple trips to visit him and try to get their relationship to a place where they were ready for marriage. However, he cheated on her once, which threw a real wrench in the works and she had trouble trusting him. Once they got past that hurdle, they faced major disappointment when Michael's K1 visa was denied, which fans got to see on the latest season of 90 Day Fiancé. In the latest spoilers on that couple, we have found out that the decided to get married in Nigeria early this year and plan to pursue a spousal visa. 

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How does Umar's family feel about this relationship?


One of the things Hamme is going to have to deal with when she gets to Nigeria is that Umar's mother isn't necessarily going to welcome her with open arms. Umar says to the cameras that his mother may have trouble accepting that her son wants to marry a white woman.

Are Usman and Lisa from 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days still together? Big spoiler ahead!

According to reports, the couple has actually already tied the knot. Based on now-hidden social media posts, they got married back in September 2019 and it appears that they did it in Nigeria. She may have also converted to Islam, which is Umar's religion. Now, they can be found liking one another's Facebook posts pretty regularly but we don't know if they are doing it from the same couch in a living room they share or if Hamme has returned to the US to try and bring Umar over here.


The new season of Before The 90 Days begins on February 23 on TLC.

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