15 Best Gifts For Book Lovers 2020

Happy bookworming!

15 Best Gifts For Book Lovers 2020 Getty

As someone who's an avid reader and book reviewer, there's obviously nothing I enjoy more than a good book. (Duh.) But after that? I loooooove me some book swag. And I know I can't be alone: for all the literary lovers, bibliophiles, and bookworms out there, these 15 best gifts for book lovers will signal your love of reading loud and proud to the entire world. The only trouble you'll have is choosing which one to buy. (Heck, buy 'em all!) Happy reading ... and happy shopping!


1. Library Ankle Socks

These socks are fashioned to look like old-school library cards. Cozy and adorable.

(Amazon, prices vary)

2. Book Club Subscription


A great gift for people who want to impart their love of reading onto the younger generation, Literati is the leading kids book club in America, delivering exceptional books across five book clubs for children 12 and younger. Literati chooses vibrant stories with unforgettable characters that resonate with reluctant readers and advanced bookworms alike. Each month, you’ll receive a package with five new and unique kids book and you can choose the books you want to buy and return the rest for free. 

(Literati, $9.95/month)

3. Support Your Local Library Tee


This cool 1970s inspired bibliophile shirt is the perfect gift for everyone who loves and supports their local library.

(Boredwalk, $28)

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4. Candle

The best companion to a good book? A yummy candle to read by! Try this one from Nomad Noé’s collection. Inspired by little-known historical movers and shakers, each candle tells a story of courage and daring through exquisite blends of fragrance.


(Nomad Noe, $65)

5. Paperback Fragrance

If you've ever dreamed of smelling like books, now you can! 

(Amazon, $20)

6. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist


From barflies to book clubs, Tequila Mockingbird is the world's bestselling cocktail book for the literary-obsessed. Featuring 65 delicious drink recipes paired with wry commentary on history's most beloved novels, the book also includes bar bites, drinking games, and whimsical illustrations throughout. 

(Amazon, $11.40) 

7. Prose Over Bros Tee


A mantra to live by.

(Amazon, prices vary)

8. Rainbow Books Tote

A colorful way to carry your books.

(The Strand, $19.95)

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9. Fuck Off, I'm Reading Bookmark


Enough said, right?

(The Strand, $5.95)

10. Bookshelf Design Book

In this book, you'll find plenty of bookshelf and home library inspo and diversity, from “Juxtaposed,” a shelf capitalizing on limited space to display seven books containing the world’s most influential religions, to Sakura Adachi’s “Trick,” a bookcase that constantly mutates into a table and two chairs. 


(Amazon, $16.29)

11. Book Locket Necklace

Wear your love of books around your neck ... with a photo of your loved one inside. Win/win. 

(Etsy, $15.83)

12. The Most Beautiful Libraries In The World Book


For the library lover, this coffee table book features more than 20 of the most historic libraries from 12 countries, all of them architectural landmarks, and the text provides comprehensive history of libraries.

(Amazon, $41.99)

13. Library Book Stamp


So nobody ever forgets to return a book they borrowed from you.

(Etsy, $29.95)

14. Tea and Book Lovers Pin

Tea and books goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

(Etsy, $8.07)

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15. 100 Books Scratch-Off Poster


This poster is full of life-changing books loved by readers worldwide from ancient classics to recent bestsellers, award-winning novels and children’s stories. It'll help you challenge yourself and find the next good book to read. When you close the last page, scratch off the gold layer and reveal your favorite hero or a symbol that will remind you of that great book you've finished reading. A great way to keep track of your reading.

(Amazon, $19.97)

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