What Book Should You Read This Summer, By Zodiac Sign

Here's the perfect book title to add to your reading list.

What To Read This Summer, By Zodiac Sign pexels

Picture this. It's summer 2019. You have the perfect book in your hands. Life is good.

Summertime is fast approaching everyone! Thank goodness. I think we are all SO ready for summer days, sandy beaches, and a little more sunshine. 

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One of my favorite feelings in the world is laying out in the sunshine with a snack, some coffee, and a good book. Getting lost in a good story is always a pleasure, but feeling the sun on your skin makes it a million times better.

But picking a book to read can be hard! You want to read something worthwhile, but it's hard to know what you're going to like or hate. My porblem is that my 'to read' list is getting longer and longer, and all I'm doing is getting more and more behind. 

So here's a solution to help with this problem! These books all have a permanent place on my bookshelf, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of them. Each reccommendation is listed by horoscope sign, although I think they're all solid choices! 


Whether you're reading these books on a plane, train, during a long car ride or if you're reading it from your front yard dreaming of faraway places, this list of unique book reccommendations using astrology will help you find the perfect book for your zodiac sign to add your summer reading list. 


Aries - The Girl Who Could Fly

This sweet novel is perfect for an Aries, with elements of competition and rebellion throughout the book. Piper McCloud has always been a little unusual, but her strangeness is fully revealed when she learns to fly and is taken to a school for children with magnificent abilities. An Aries will identify with this stubborn and driven character, and see pieces of themselves exemplified in several characters, all while devouring this easy read.

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Taurus - Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

Taurus is a sign known for loving touch, materials, memories. The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is built on memories and stories, and very centered around physical possessions. Jamie Ford writes this novel about the Japanese and Chinese American experience, and the love story of a boy and a girl. A Taurus will read this and find value in the memories and the importance of possessions throughout the book, and feel satisfied with this sweet but substantial story.



Gemini - House of Leaves

House of Leaves is one of the most stunning and shocking creative pieces of literature I've ever read. Fair warning, this book is terrifying and creepy in ways I don't know how to explain. For a Gemini who hates routine, this book is anything but. Be prepared to really dive in and just get on board with whatever this book brings you. Geminis tend to enjoy reading, but this book takes reading to the next level with it's unique formatting. Adaptable, intelligent, thoughtful, and restless, a Gemini reading this will be able to enjoy the thought provoking content, and will get chills from the book itself.


Cancer - Everything I Never Told You

This novel is very emotionally involved, making it perfect for a Cancer. The story focuses around the death of a child in a family and how her death reveals secrets and layers of trauma along with it. With plenty of mystery and revelations for anyone, this is a compelling summer read. Gemini's will find this sad story to be the perfect addition to their bookshelf.


Leo - Me Before You

Me Before You is a classic piece of writing that I think many people would enjoy. Although the content of the book itself is somewhat sad, it tells the beautiful story of an unlikely couple falling in love. This book will take a Leo away from their leadership tendencies and challenge their logical values, all while having some very heartfelt and warm moments along the way. An easy read, this is a lightweight addition to your luggage and will be the perfect addition to your summer routine!

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Virgo - The Compound

The Compound is a mind boggling story of a world devastated by nuclear attacks, where a family lives in an underground compound that serves as a safe haven for the fallout. However, we soon realize that the outside world may not be destoryed, and the compound may not be as safe as it seems. A Virgo will enjoy the detail and intrigue of this novel, and the ways in which the solution plays out! I know I did!


Libra - The Goose Girl

This light hearted and easy read is great for a Libra! A Libra will love the story of a displaced princess who ends up having to fight to restore peace as an imposter takes her place. This sweet story has elements of magic, romance, and adventure with enough gentle and harmonious moments to keep a Libra satisfied.


Scorpio - The Five People You Meet in Heaven

The Scorpio's desire to feel strong emotion will be completely met with this short read. Only $13.00 on Amazon, this is one of those novels that makes me cry each and every time I read it. Life after death is no longer a mystery with this book, showing the reader what life after death really looks like. Telling the story of an old man in an accident, the Five People You Meet in Heaven will show you the real meaning of life in a heart melting and life changing way.


Sagittarius - Cinnamon and Gunpowder

This book will take you to the high seas in a world of piracy and culinary delicacies. You heard right! The plot centers around a gourmet chef, who is kidnapped and taken aboard a pirate ship and forced to cook multiple course meals each weekend to stay alive another week. Humorous, touching, and full of adventure: this novel is perfect to quench the need for adventure that a Sagittarius feels. 



Capricorn - My Lady's Choosing

This novel is a light read that will really suit a Capricorn's values of tradition and family in a fun and playful way. This choose your own adventure type of book will have you choosing the suitor and navigating social expectations as you read it. A fun play on the typical choose your own adventure, you will find yourself being in control of the story and your future all at once.

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Aquarius - Challenger Deep

My official and unbiased opinion on this book is that it was one of the most phenomenal pieces I've ever read. This book is one that is deeply thought provoking despite being labeled as young adult literature.


Neal Shusterman artfully describes the experience of a boy learning that he is schizophrenic, inspired by his son's diagnosis. Aquarius readers will find this to be a very cathartic experience and will find great value in the humanity of the book. 


Pisces - Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

This book is absolutely beautiful. The artistry in the book is so important to the story, that an artistically inclined Pisces would enjoy reading it. This book is impressively visual from start to finish, taking you on all sorts of wild adventures that stick with you as an image. Pisces will find this novel to be emotionally involved, artsy, sweet, and touching. 

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